July 28, 2021

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Cannes 2021: the festival has begun!  Examining "Annette"

Cannes 2021: the festival has begun! Examining “Annette”

It’s time for the Film Festival to start – the 74th Cannes Film Festival has begun! Although reality is a crisis, and the event on the Cote d’Azur meets all the criteria of a film festival in times of the plague, Cannes remains – the promised land for fans of art cinema and a prestigious competition for most of the world. Important Festival Prize – Palme d’Or.

For a good start, a review of the musical “Annette” with Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard directed by Leos Carax, professor of modern baroque. Did Michał Walkiewicz like the opening movie?

“I heard you like to sing …” – review of the movie “Annette”, Der. Leos Carax

“Annette” opens with a scene in which a procession of actors, extras, and members of the film’s crew, fueled by the music of Sparks and led by Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard, walk the streets of the city. Separating pure fiction from the metafilm already in the lead, the French classic Leos Carax performs admirably—a partially tragic autobiographical story that unleashes the stakes, relieving us from having to watch it frontline. You will thank him for that!

In the neo-baroque film tradition, from which Carax originated, such a measure is perhaps not a great and rebellious gesture. But in the company of pets in Cannes, this is a fake. How is that? A cinema in which the prose of life and the tangibleness of death is constantly filtered through classic Hollywood conventions – and those that distance us from rather than approach psychological truth, from melodrama to rock opera to music? Perhaps the director doesn’t do much about such booths, so in the story about the love of a beautiful soprano singer (Cotillard) and a rude comedian (Driver), he doesn’t pull his leg of gas. “Annette” is a hyper-musical song in which one sings about heaven and bread—nonstop, with absolute disbelief in the meaning of any opposite points in the narrative. The comedian and soprano sing together and sing separately. They sing on the red carpet and at the grocery store. While walking, during sex, while arguing, by agreeing, in a dream, and even during breaks from singing. They sing about the dark side of fame, about how power corrupts, and about all the disparities of love that can be both a blessing and a curse. Finally – they sing about their daughter Annette, the girl with an angelic voice, who will inherit their sins.

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You can read the entire review Here.

The Festival de Cannes runs until July 17th. We will give you new reviews, interviews and comments every day. Don’t forget to check out our Instagram, where Micha from time to time will tell you what the Cannes movie is about at the moment.