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Carbon stocks in power plants and heating plants are at a critical level

Carbon stocks in power plants and heating plants are at a critical level

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Such a rapid decline in inventory wgla In Poland, which we’re dealing with now, it hasn’t been there for five years (except for last year’s shutdown of course). Inventories at public power plants and combined power and heating plants fell below 6 million tons in July and have not exceeded this value until today, despite the approach of winter. The last time we dealt with such low stocks was at the beginning of 2018.

“Emergency in the Polish energy sector”. Expert on how to get out of the crisis

coal stockpile problems

However, even coalAlready mined is not able will hit To yards at power plants, heating and combined power plants and heating plants, because railroad workers have been missing coal wagons for months, which can handle the increased traffic. More than one million tons of coal, already purchased by power plants, is waiting for transportation at the dumps adjacent to the mines. This is 3-4 times more than usual. The situation is so bad that the company PKP Cargo, which is controlled by the State Treasury, will send up to 1.5 thousand. The wagons currently used to transport aggregates to transport coal.

Coal stock problems.Coal stock problems.

As a result, 23 companies have already reported a shortage of mandatory coal stocks to the Energy Regulatory Office since October. This is double what it was at the beginning of November. Among the entities that report to the Energy Regulatory Office that they do not have or still do not have the required coal reserves for 30 days are, among others, Opole Power Plant, Dolna Odra, Rybnik (PGE). The Cousins ​​Power Plant (Enea) was also opened there for the first time. Deficiencies have also been reported by at least some PGE power and heat plants. All face sanctions imposed by the Bureau of Energy Regulation.

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Heat producers also complain – in the list of entities reporting a lack of statutory reserves, small heating plants are the most numerous. In theory, it is easier for them to make up for the shortage of raw materials from Russia, but there is also a shortage of imported coal.

We have already described List, which was sent to the Minister of State Assets by the head of the Polish Heating Chamber, Jacek Szymczak.

“In recent days, we have received disturbing information about the deteriorating conditions for the performance of contracts related to the supply of coal for system heat sources. The problem relates both to the way in which contracts for the supply of steam coal by Polska Grupa Górnicza SA are carried out, as well as the contracts for the transportation of coal with PKP Cargo SA.

What do members of the ministerial chamber pay attention to? Are the bills understated fart prices In Poland will strengthen exports? Why does the coal market work as it did under the communist regime? At what prices does the Strategic Reserve Agency buy coal? More on this later in the article at

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Carbon dioxide emissions allowances prices in the records.The price of carbon dioxide emissions allowances broke the record. What about electricity bills?

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