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card or bottle. Once you notice this, you have to look back

card or bottle.  Once you notice this, you have to look back

Thieves often use our desire for comfort and distraction from daily duties. The relaxed atmosphere means that we also carelessly come to the issue of car insurance.

The police arrested the thieves who stole the green Ferrari. These are 3 people from different parts of Poland

Criminal police officers from Kozalin arrested 3 people in connection with one of the most famous thefts in recent months. Of course I’m talking about…

Some may remember the case of a Ferrari 488 Spyder stolen in broad daylight from the parking lot below the holiday resort in Milan. However, cars are not always the target of thieves, but also handbags, purses or cells left inside. Criminals have a variety of tactics to distract us and seize our loot. Here are the most popular methods.

bag method

This is the most famous and popular method of car theft today. Back to Relatively new vehicles with keyless entry. Here, thieves often work in pairs. Since we often leave the car keys near the entrance, the first criminals approach the door A device that looks like a small bag and “stimulates” the signal from the switch.

The second thief stands next to the car with the receiver and redirects the signal sent by the first person to the car. The car thinks the owner is standing next to it with the key in his pocket and unlocks it closing. The same process is repeated until firing. Thieves get in and out of their own car. This usually takes less than a minute.

The whole thing doesn’t have to be done in front of the house. It happens that criminals try in a similar way Car theft left in the mall. One of the thieves follows us closely, for example, carrying a backpack in which he hides the device.

Theft on suitcase, aluminum foil and hairspray is the easiest way to insure

The bag method is now a very popular way to steal luxury and slightly cheaper, but well-equipped cars. Market…

How to protect yourself from theft in the travel bag? It can be used Special casePut the key away from the front door, balcony door, or … Wrap it in aluminum foil. It is also worth paying attention to people suspiciously walking near us, carrying a bag or backpack in their hands.

nails method

In this case, the thieves put the car under the parked car nail or other sharp objectIt is to pierce tirewhen we go. criminals Then they take advantage of our problem They take away the things left in the car.

It also happens that one of the thieves offers to help change the wheel and distract us. Meanwhile, his friend is “cleaning” the interior of our car.

Cards method

The method of glass crushing is very similar. Criminals cause harm collisionAs a result, the two cars stopped on the side of the road. while we We watch the losses with the other driver, the thief’s partner robs us of the remaining things inside. On the other hand, if we leave the keys in the ignition, he might just jump in the car and walk away.

failure method

It’s similar here too. Thieves force us to stop and leave the car, which indicates that something has happened to the wheel or part of the car has come out. We worry, we stop and walk away, we want to track failure. During this time, thieves steal the remaining items in the cabin or They jump behind the wheel themselves and get away.

Bottle method

This method usually relates to theft of the entire vehicle. Thieves put a plastic bottle or other burning object in the wheel arch. When we leave from car parkReach us Annoying noises make us stop and get out of the car to check what happened.

In such a situation, we often leave everything in the car without turning it off engine. This opportunity is used by the thief He jumps in the car and walks away with everything we left inside. In situations like this, you have to remain calm and always remember that Turn off the engine and take the key with you before getting out of the car.

method on a piece of paper

Thieves target parked cars and their backs into the street or alley and place a sheet of paper behind a wiper. When we get in, start the engine and throw “backward”, we notice the above card in the mirror, which blocks our view. We go down often Just apply the handbrake to remove it.

grudge?  No, the thief is trying to lure you out of the car

At this point, the thieves behave similarly to the bottle method. Once again, we serve everything on a tray, a Criminals get in and drive our caroften without worrying about the fact that we’re trying to get their way.

wheelchair method

In this method, the thieves also want us to get out of the car without thinking, and let the engine run. How do they provoke us to do this? They chose a small street with little traffic and there They left a car in the middle of the road. After all, who wouldn’t help the child he left behind?

The “trolley” method. Internet user warns of new method of thieves

Thieves are increasingly resorting to methods that play on human empathy. This is evidenced by one of the new ways I encountered…

Most often, thieves are hidden in the bush Just waiting for us to get out of the car and see what’s going on. Here again, you have to remember to turn off the engine and take valuables with you if you want to help. However, the best solution is to simply report the situation you are facing the police.

currency method

This method is not very popular because it does not always work. However, it is worth remembering that when we found a coin behind the doorknob, fate did not smile at us, but only There is a thief waiting for us. The method involves inserting a coin between the door handle and the door, usually the rear passenger side. This is made when you lock the car The tilt handle will bounce and prevent the door from closing.

method “on the coin”. It’s easy to protect yourself from thieves

The sound is getting increasingly loud about the “on the coin” method, thanks to which the thief can easily get into the car. Fortunately, a simple experiment showed …

However, criminals do not go straight to work. They will follow us and wait until we stop the car and close the door – except for the one with a coin on it. As I mentioned, the method does not always work, especially on new cars, which I once tested myself.

Signal Jammer

This method may be somewhat reminiscent of the bag method due to “playing” with the main signal. The situation is as follows: the owner, parking the car in front of a shop, for example, locks it with the key and papers. However, nearby, there is a thief who has a jammer The car will not pick up the key signal sent by the owner.

Thus, the owner is left satisfied that he has locked the car, and Actually the locks are unlocked. So the thief can take the things left in the car or steal the car using other tools. So it is always worth making sure, for example by pulling the door handle, that we actually locked the car.

screen method

Finally, a relatively new method that does not focus on stealing a car or a wallet, but catalyst. Recently, such crimes have become very common. The role of the screen is taken by a car parked near the car relatively chosen by a thief.

Increasingly, thieves steal stimuli. How do you protect yourself from loss?

In addition to stealing the entire vehicle, thieves are also eager to steal its individual parts. The goal, among other things wheels, although more painful, …

After parking, he raised the hood and pretended to be a “malfunction”. During this time, the second thief, hidden by the aforementioned car, may crawl under the car and cut off the catalytic converter.

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