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Carolina Pesarek, a cowgirl, celebrates her future husband’s birthday in a restaurant (photos)

Carolina Pesarek, a cowgirl, celebrates her future husband's birthday in a restaurant (photos)

Carolina Pisarek, who will be standing on the wedding carpet on Friday, has another reason to celebrate this week – her future husband’s birthday. On this occasion, Roger threw a party in the city. There were also cakes, gifts and famous friends. Fabulous?

Carolina Pisaryk He is one of those “Top Model” contestants whose participation in the show turned her into a career in show business. The 24-year-old is making use of her five minutes, to establish herself as an influencer and regularly gets involved in new celebrity projects. The finalist of the TVN format does not conquer the world’s fashion shows, but, for example, she has a “literary work” to her credit.

Recently, the model loudly in the context of the wedding ceremony with Roger Sala. Carolina Unlike most colleagues in the industry, she does not try to hide the facts about this big day. exactly the contrary – He talks about his party preparations in front of the cameras. As we agreed, the party will take place on Friday in the luxurious palace.

However, the wedding is not the only reason to celebrate the wedding of Pisarek and Sala this week. Wednesday Heir to Wealth Roger, He celebrated his twenty-ninth birthday. On this occasion, the beloved has prepared it Restaurant party. There was no shortage Balloons, Cake Gifts & Friends CircleAmong them was among others Marcin Dobell. During the celebration, future husbands They did not spare their tenderness.

I love this celebrity style… claustrophobic, wet, almost 30 degrees, and it would fly in boots, sweaters, and coats, just because this “look” was chosen by the stylist. I am waiting for pictures of the fur in July.

Great shoes, just for the weather 😉

There used to be a normal cute girl and now she’s gone… Cash…

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Let’s remember Regina Pisaryk.

It has already emerged from the refrigerator. Carolina Pisaryk – Everything is for sale

Her nose without photoshop is long, spotted and curvy

It won’t take long. For me, when a man kisses and moves his eyes aside, this portends bad!!

She has a lot of money and can’t wear much… She looks so weak in it…

Why are they getting married, because the feeling is hardly visible. Unless they hide it carefully


7 minutes ago

When do people go out on the street?! Parents live modestly in the countryside. There is a lot of talk about the environment, they put and bought a pea charcoal stove instead of charcoal. A year ago, they paid 940 PLN per ton for environmentally friendly coal, and they need at least 4 tons for the heating season. Please note this year – 2750 PLN per ton !!! Who can afford it in the countryside?! Coal after 2000. People live on 2000 pensions – how do they save for stupid heating?! Where are the food, bills, and taxes?! Only the father works at home, and the mother cannot. It helped, but we have a mortgage ourselves, the installments are insane. This government aims to degrade the middle class, which works honestly all its life

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Was there a meat hedgehog instead of a cake?!

Why does every young man have facial hair today? Even 15 years ago, a stubble was a sign of neglect and likely belonged to a lower social class.

Is she 24 now? And 7 fiancé? BTW- Performance in ttbz, this is a nice shot in the foot.

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