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Carolina Sztava is dead. Saying goodbye to a friend from the program, the participant of the “Big Brother” program said: “I was definitely a wonderful mother.”

Carolina Sztava is dead.  Saying goodbye to a friend from the program, the participant of the "Big Brother" program said: "I was definitely a wonderful mother."

Carolina Sztava is dead. The woman who appeared in the second version of the revival of “Big Brother” in 2019 has died at the age of just 35 years old. TVN7, which participated in the programme, also reported her death Anna Klimpel.

Our friend Karolina Stafa passed away tonight. My heartfelt condolences to her relatives and family. Rest in peace, Carol. It is fortunate that you were able to let go of the past and take in as much life as possible in the here and now. You sure were an amazing mom. rest in peace — she wrote via Instastories.

Surely she would like everyone to remember her smile and makeup. She loved to sparkle and attract attention – She added in another post, indicating what she knew about her friend’s death:

(…) I know few details about Carolina’s departure. The disease took her. Please do not ask me questions about this. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Pray for Carolina – resumed the image of the deceased.

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Sztafa was one of the most distinguished residents of the Big Brother House. During her stay on the program, she causes many conflicts, instead of winning subscribers. As a result, she left the show very quickly.

Notably, Karolina came from Czekovice-Dzidzis wife and mother. The girlfriend was very supportive of her when she decided to take part in the TV show:

My husband is very proud of me. she is very beautiful. He said that the wave of hatred against me is enormous. When I applied to this program, my husband told me that I would be greatly misunderstood. I was aware of this, because you can’t pass me by carelessly. In fact, in my life, you either love me or you hate me. I am happy with that – she said in one of the interviews, adding:

My husband took a break from his job to take care of the girls. He’s a great dad, I wasn’t worried about him going to the show. My children inherited my personality. They do well in this world.

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:(:(:(:(:(:(: …

1 hour ago

Peace be upon her soul. Very sad like this young man.

Shocking news, poor children, sad story. It is sad when someone so young dies. Rest in peace.

🙁 This young lady…

latest comments (52)

My condolences to the family

I remember it from the show Very Sad News Why do these young people die?[*]

Zofia Zasowska …

19 minutes ago

I feel so sorry for the young mothers leaving their entire beloved family and being left so young 😞😞😞😞

Elixir of inform and delegate.


26 minutes ago


I received a week ago

I don’t know, but I’m too young to die.

How sad, young and beautiful woman, I feel sorry for the children and her husband.

Why did she die and what happened to her?

For those who sometimes write nonsense here that life goes on, I advise you to enter the statistics how many youth accidents and suicides are really an epidemic

This is what I fear most in life. That I’m leaving early and leaving a young child behind. awesome:(

I did not know her, but someone else did not live to see her retirement, about which many write nonsense here

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