September 21, 2021

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Cat Health - An app created to help owners

Cat Health – An app created to help owners

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It is often difficult for cat owners to know the condition of their pets, because the signals they send are very accurate. To make this task easier for them, a special app developed by Canadians is here to help.

The application uses face recognition technology. Simply take a picture of the cat and the app will present the results, explains Miche Priest of

According to the creators, the app can use artificial intelligence to determine if a particular cat is happy or in pain. The program analyzes the tone of the muscles of the cat’s mouth, the positions of the ears, head and whiskers. For this, he uses the so-called grimacing scale for cats.

The size of a cat’s frown has been recognized by scientists. Several articles have been published on this topic. Thanks to that, veterinarians can determine what level of pain a cat is in, says Mich Priest.

The app’s developers say it can be useful in monitoring the health of cats who receive less medical attention than dogs because they mask pain so well.

Veterinarians at the Calgary Clinic who have tested the program have a similar opinion. According to them, the application will work not only among cat owners, but also among junior veterinary graduates.

– I love working with cats. I grew up with them, I’m a real cat. I’m very good at reading their body language, but my colleagues who are new to the profession don’t have much experience. They are not sure if their patient is suffering. They often wonder if they are doing their job well – Dr. Liz Roel, veterinarian.

technical problems

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The app is not flawless and needs to be revised before officially entering the market. Technology journalist Stephan Boissonneault has tested the beta version and encountered some issues. The app had difficulty reading data from a black cat image.

The app is constantly learning and that’s what’s great about artificial intelligence. People cannot learn as fast as machines can. They will not be able to. That is why we will need these types of applications – confirms Stephane Boissonneault.

Alice Potter, of the British Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, believes the app could be a useful tool. However, the owners should pay attention not only to the face of the cat, but also to its entire body and behavioral changes.

People should think about cat behavior and how they drink, eat and sleep. Are they doing it as usual, are they showing aggressive behavior, or are they starting to hide – according to Alice Potter.

According to a survey of people who tested the beta version of the app, cat owners often used it for two reasons: to understand why their cat was constantly hiding, and to monitor their pet’s condition after treatment.

Someone noticed that her cat was not feeling well, which prompted her to visit the vet. It turned out that the animal had an ear infection that was not even noticeable at first glance.

However, the creator of the cat grimace scale points out that general context is important in assessing a pet’s condition and that the application, even if very promising, should not be the only determinant.

Author: Justyna Kaziemierczak / Source: Fakty o Świecie TVN24 BiS

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