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Catarzina Figura and Kai Schoenhals have already split up. The end of a troubled relationship

Catarzina Figura and Kai Schoenhals have already split up.  The end of a troubled relationship

  • Catarzina Figura and Kai Schoenhals have split after nearly 10 years of a court battle. “I am very happy,” she told reporters in court after the divorce.
  • The actress and film producer met in 1998 in Hollywood. They soon became a married couple and lived together in Poland, where they married and had two daughters
  • After 14 years of relationship, Vigora gave a shocking interview in which she accused her husband of using violence against her. Soon, I filed for divorce, which is only now being finalized
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Catarzina Figura Kai Schoenhals has tried unsuccessfully for a divorce for the past 10 years. Subsequent sessions did not annul their marriage so far. September 24 this year. The actress appeared in court in another case, and the producer attended the session remotely. Finally, after about an hour, the number from the courtroom was happy and announced that she had obtained a divorce. As reported by “Super Express,” the actress succinctly said to the reporters huddled in the corridor, tears of emotion not fading away:

You can find the rest of the article below the video:

Star life watchers, Katarzyna Figura and Kai Schoenhals seem to create a successful marriage. Together they willingly appeared in salons, allowed themselves to be photographed in tender arms, and professed their love on the covers of newspapers. However, the reality was completely different, a Only years later, the actress revealed the truth about what is happening behind the closed doors of their home. With her bitter confessions, she sparked a tumultuous debate about domestic violence. At that time, she filed for divorce, and the sessions lasted for nearly 10 years. So far.

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Katarzyna Figura and Kai Scheonhals after their divorce. Troubled relationship history

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