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CD Projekt has revealed its cards. This is what The Witcher 3 looks like for next generation consoles

CD Projekt has revealed its cards.  This is what The Witcher 3 looks like for next generation consoles

next oneThe -gen The Witcher 3 will hit players on December 14th. On Wednesday during the “REDstreams” studio event CD Project RED revealed the details of the update. Finally, we can visually see what the refreshing adventures of Geralt of Rivia look like.

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Among the most important changes: Ray tracing supportAnd the short loading times, Corrected mapAnd the A new mode for using characters, as well as DLC inspired by the Netflix series.

The Witcher 3 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. What’s new?

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X owners can count on much better graphic design. There will be two modes – the first is aimed at optimization efficiency (60fps), second in graphics quality Ray tracing support).

to improve Almost all textures in the gameNow available in 4K quality. For this purpose, the creators combined it with a fan mod Remastered HD Project.

The PlayStation 5 version of the game will offer support for unique games DualSense controller features such as tactile vibrations or adaptive stimuli. Of course, this setting can be turned off.

When it comes to gameplay changes, the creators have redesigned the usage system Personalities. Now you don’t have to pause to select a character Toys And open the radial selection menu.

Other news worth noting are:

  • picture mode
  • alternate camera settings;
  • The ability to scale translation.
  • option to hide the interface;
  • The ability to pause during scenes
  • A new map filter that allows us to hide the question marks
  • Cross-platform cloud saves.
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when it comes to b DLC based on the Netflix seriesThis is – for the time being – It is still shrouded in mystery. We know for sure that there will be an additional mission in the game that will allow us to get unique items.

The Witcher 3 for PC. what’s new?

Most of the above utilities will also be used by people who play The Witcher on PC. In their case, it will also appear ultra + mode, Which will increase the graphics settings in the game (thicker grass, more detail, etc.) Of course, PC users will also be able to take advantage of ray tracing technology.

People who have previously purchased The Witcher 3 on any platform He will receive the next generation update for free. Other people will be able to purchase the new version of the game – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Complete Edition, which will also include all DLCs (Heart of Stone and Blood and Wine).

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