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Celebrating National Independence Day in Parano – Ministry of Education and Science

Celebrating National Independence Day in Parano - Ministry of Education and Science

Minister Przemyslav Czarnik, together with the residents of the Barano municipality, participated in the celebrations commemorating the heroes of our freedom. The ceremony began with the Divine Liturgy for the Fatherland in the Barano Church. The Minister then went to the memorial to commemorate the tenth anniversary of Poland’s restoration of independence. The national anthem was sung at the memorial and wreaths were laid.

Poland is the common good of its citizens

– The Republic of Poland is the common good of all citizens – said the minister, referring to the 1997 constitution and the 1935 constitution.

The state itself is not an end in itself, just as the home is not an end in itself. It is a means of implementing everything that is most important in the life of man, family, society and nation. Without a home it is impossible to form a family, and without a state it is impossible to form a nation. The minister stressed that the home is not only a means for intellectual development, education and formation, but is also the goal of the believers’ salvation.

Poland is safe

Motherland is our mother, mother is not badly spoken of. Without it we would not exist, without it we would not be able to evolve, and without it there would be no future generations.

– This is our mother, this homeland – said John Paul II, one of the most prominent Poles. One does not speak badly of the mother, it is repeated by Poles from the Polish motherland in Germany, who have such a will, their fifth will, since the thirties – said the minister, addressing the participants in the festivities.

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We are members of the generational relay race

Returning to the events of 1918 and the 104th anniversary of Poland’s restoration of its independence, the Minister said of the obligation that we Poles have to fulfill.

We are members of a great generational relay race that began over 1,050 years ago. And in this relay race, all of our ancestors took the reins of independence. The minister said that they received the baton of the sovereignty of the Polish nation and passed it on in a spirit of responsibility to future generations to the coming centuries.

An independent Poland is the result of the daily efforts of Poles in the country and abroad. Previous generations have won our freedom, but we also have a responsibility to future generations.

– Taking care of our homeland, respecting our motherland, developing the nation and thus passing on the baton of independence and sovereignty of the Polish state to future generations. The minister said that we need more solidarity with future generations.

The Minister thanked the participants in the celebration, noting that it was an expression of commitment to this commitment: – I would like to thank you very much on behalf of the authorities of the Republic of Poland. I wish you a happy National Independence Day celebration. The joy of being Polish. We are proud to be Polish.

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