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Celebrities at a jewelry brand party: Mavachon with an open back, green Roxana Wojil and Ida Novakoska’s brown cheek (photos)

Celebrities at a jewelry brand party: Mavachon with an open back, green Roxana Wojil and Ida Novakoska's brown cheek (photos)

The show of the group for one of the jewelry companies attracted a number of famous ladies. Find out who decided to spend Tuesday protesting against the wall.

With the heating season coming up, the time is slowly beginning when celebrities have a little more wiggle room when it comes to outdoor events. Fortunately, there are walls that famous faces move seamlessly from outdoor events and festivals to every year.

One of the opportunities that presents – this time not outdoors, it was the last Happened to one of the jewelry brands. On Tuesday, the company, which loved to cooperate with the stars, organized a presentation of the new collection, which, of course, could not miss some well-known personalities.

The industrial event with photojournalists armed with cameras was attended by celebrities from the old guard and those who were younger. Among those who stood on the wall there was, among others Ida NovakoskaAnd the mafashionAnd the Agnieszka KaczorowskaAnd the charcoal roxy if Emilia Dankwa.


2 hours. Ago

Beautiful Ida!

Designer Zof…

1 hour ago

They’re all not bad, maybe except for green Roxy

Maffashion looks tired from life

This young pl family is already entering this celebrity world, she starts focusing on certain body parts 😱

Recent Comments (111)

Tar Jaws shows what you’re paying against the wall for

Beauty expert

11 minutes ago

What is this Ida, her eyelashes are always stuck

And this is Emilia who ran away from the bazaar. Which is? Miller’s granddaughter is usually fine, I would even say that this tattoo on the neck adds elegance to her

Roxie as Sam from Tasty Agents 🙂

Roxi- Our Polish Britney ❤️

Kaczorowska seems to be making a long ad for the camera???

They go your husband cheating on you!!!

Like Dankwa from a cheap escort agency, Ida like a panda bear, Wyngiel like asparagus with lopsided legs, Ida’s bisexual husband, isn’t it too early to have halołin.


24 minutes ago

Poodle wrote about the fact that Carol’s ex-husband to Justina Gradec already has a new fiancée!!! After all, he distributes these episodes to the left and right (let’s not forget about one orator who was before Gradec). Carolina is smart, hardworking, and beautiful, but is seduced by Carol.

Who are these celebrities? Some I don’t know

ida panda makeup, szableska horse teeth

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