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‘Celebrity’ label sacrificed after dog attack in London

Freddie, who is known for his habits on a bridge in London, England, had to be euthanized after being attacked by a dog on Sunday (21). After a police investigation, the dog’s owner, 49-year-old Rebecca Chapman-Claire, went public and apologized for what happened.

Named after Queen Singer Freddie Mercury, the seal became known when it was rescued by a fishing lure wrapped around its mouth. At that point, the cattle went to the animal and returned it to nature, but Freddie continued around Barnes, returning to a bridge over the River Thames, where he conversed with passers-by.

People who witnessed the seal were responsible for calling the London Fire Department and the British Marine Life Rescue to recover it after Sunday’s attack. The company took the seal to a veterinary hospital.

However, upon arrival at the scene, the seal was found to be fractured, with paddle displacement and damage to joints, ligaments and nerves. Since it is the policy of the hospital not to imprison animals, it was decided that for Freddie’s sake, it would be better for him to be sacrificed, as a seal with only one paddle would not survive in the wild.

“I was devastated by this terrible accident,” the dog’s owner told the Evening Standard newspaper. “As an animal lover, I fully understand the tragedy of what happened. I apologize. Looking back, of course, the dog would have been like a failure, but at the time it seemed unnecessary.”

Rebecca also clarified that for the safety of herself and the dog, she quickly left the place. He thanked the experts who helped restore the seal and said he had left his contact information with the cattle before leaving.

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Common or port seals are often found in and around the Thames. This year alone, 117 views of semi-aquatic mammals have already been recorded by the London Zoological Society’s Thames Marine Mammal Survey.

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