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Celebrity wedding dresses that did not dazzle. There are quite a few of them

Celebrity wedding dresses that did not dazzle.  There are quite a few of them

  • Polish stars seem very lucky with wedding creations. Few of them had mishaps, however, they are still well remembered by everyone to this day
  • Elizabeth Taylor has not only been married several times, but has often shocked her own wedding
  • How Celine Dion wore to her wedding is still causing disbelief today
  • Tina Turner didn’t care what other people thought when she chose a green dress for her wedding
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Fashion trends pass very quickly. What was elegant only a few years ago may be obsolete now. What’s worse, not every outfit we dream about fits our personality. It is no different in the case of wedding dresses, especially if their clothes are chosen by stars who always want to make the best impression. Unfortunately With a big budget and a great desire to emphasize their originality, they often become an example of incompatibility, crazy extravagance or just … a mistake in choosing a wedding dress.

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Suffice it to mention the surprising green dress in which Elizabeth Taylor picked up one of the wedding feasts, or the olive dress from Tina Turner. Over the years, many stars have become known from a slightly different side, and their choice to this day at least is surprising.

Here are the most shocking celebrity wedding dresses or recognized by experts as the ugliest celebrity wedding dresses. Evaluate for yourself whether it is actually the worst outfit that celebrities of all sizes decide to wear on their wedding day.

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Celebrity wedding dresses that didn’t dazzle

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