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Centenary Winni 5 Season. What are the new episodes on TVP1? The premiere has already been announced

Centenary Winni 5 Season.  What are the new episodes on TVP1?  The premiere has already been announced

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Centenary Winni 5 Season. What are the new episodes on TVP1? The premiere has already been announced

When is the fifth season of “Centenary Winni”? All fans of the series based on the novel by Albena Grabowska are waiting for this question. The fourth season of TVP ends on May 15, 2022, and viewers cannot imagine that the fate of the Winny family will not continue. Fortunately, there is good news, because the favorite heroes will return to the screens in the fifth season of “Centenary of the Guilty”. The premiere has already been announced, but the cast will not remain the same. Not all of them will appear next season. What are the new episodes of ‘Stulecie Winnych’ on TVP1? The check!

When is Season 5 of ‘Stulecie Winnych’ on TVP1?

When are you watching Season 5 of ‘Stulecie Winnych’ on TVP1? All fans of the series want to know the answer to this question, and there are more and more of them! It is already known that fans will say goodbye to the Winnie family on 5/15/2022, when episode 52 of the series will be broadcast. Then viewers will see, among other things Władek’s Desperate Decision (Arkadiusz Janiczek) Facing death, Ania (Urszula Grabowska) and Michał (Stefan Pawłowski) are at home in Brwinów or A great passion erupts between Antik (Krzysztof Cybulsky) and the Postal Lady Marilyn^ (Alexandra Noosadko).

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According to the portal, “Stulecie Winnych” has a large audience and is the leader in the revival of the series! “After the first three episodes, the production averaged 2.27 million viewers. This translated to 15.20 percent. The station’s share in the television market among all viewers (…) – We read.

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The fifth season of “Centenary of the Wine” will definitely appear on TVP1, but unfortunately not in 2022. The premiere isn’t announced until 2023, but the good news for viewers is that there are likely to be many favorite characters, among other things. Magdalena Walsh, Ursula Graboska and Stefan Pavowski. This does not mean, however, that the fifth season of “Centenary of Sinners” will not change the cast. In new episodes in 2023, viewers will not see, for example, Władek.

The events of the fifth season of “Wine Centenary” will be set in the transition period after the communist period in Poland. This is when it will become clear how the fate of the Winnie family will unfold. Given TVP1’s hit popularity so far, the station will soon announce more exact dates for Season 5. The exact day and month are unknown. Fans have to be patient.

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