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Central communications port. This is what it’s supposed to look like. See map of CPK

Wariant inwestorski CPK. Kiedy powstanie Centralny Port Komunikacyjny? (fot. CPK)

The portal determined that one of the hundreds of copies of the STH website was selected, and now the investor variant of it has been confirmed. The project takes into account in detail where, on an area of ​​28 km2, there will be, among other things, two parallel runways, a terminal station, railway stations, new roads connected with highways, photovoltaic panels and water intakes for the airport. This was made possible thanks to the work of engineers and naturalists who studied these variables and their effect on local people, nature, mushrooms, fish, amphibians, reptiles and mammals.

US General: CPK needs NATO to respond quickly

Investments such as the rapid response CPK are needed on NATO’s eastern flank, for example, due to logistical capabilities and appropriate …

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CPK is built according to schedule. Company representatives ensure that subsequent approvals, studies, projects and analyzes appear as planned, thanks to which The year 2023, the date of laying the first bulldozer, is not in danger.

In order for the construction itself to begin completely, it will be necessary, inter alia, to level the land (logging and demolition) and also Excavation of a railway tunnel approximately 14 meters below the level of the future airport. Interestingly, in the direction of west and east, the tunnel will turn into an open trench from which part of the railways will exit to ground level and above – for the possibility of collision-free “splits”.

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Communication port must be central A multimodal interchange adapted to transport operations of various types of transport. One-third of the service’s passengers must be airline passengers, one-third of people traveling between cities here with variable transport, and one-third of passengers who normally pass through this area.

As it was finally established, Jet fuel is delivered to the port of Tadhamon by rail rather than by pipeline. Only within the terminal buildings, fuel will be delivered via pipelines directly to aircraft parking spaces.

Free: No one will lose from the sale of real estate under the CPK

We have to base our assessment on the actual value of the thing. Objectively speaking, no one will lose – Marcin said on Wednesday …

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energy The plant will be supplied with electricity from the grid and electricity generated from renewable sources. Water They will allow you to have your own intakes, rain and melt water, which will be developed by the internal water drainage system using retaining tanks. It will be its own CPK sewage treatment plants and inner waste management system, that will be received by external entities.

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The infrastructure in the area is so weak that it is not even enough to carry out construction work. Therefore, it is planned to build railway sides (in Teresin, Korytowo and in the airport area) and temporary roads, which will later be used by local residents.

The information received from the portal explains this A final environmental decision is scheduled for the first quarter of 2023. This means that the first shovel on land will take place in the same year as part of the Central Communications Port investment.

Additional public consultations

By decision of the company Until the end of June Additional public consultations will be conducted, not required by law.

Kaczyński’s words caused a torrent of laughter. Referred to Trzaskowski [WIDEO]

Jaroslav Kaczynski said at the Law and Justice party conference, inter alia, about the investments made by the Government of Law and Justice. He noted that the largest…

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The environmental research phase was completed and conclusions were drawn based on the results. Representatives of the CPK would like to present it to the public and get feedback on it. They will be included in the report at a later time.

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Residents will have the opportunity to submit comments via A special form is available on the CPK website. It will be launched additionally information points, Where residents, with the help of an assistant, can enter their comments directly into the consultation form (meetings 20-21 June Grodzisk Mazowiecki, 22-23 June Sochazo and 27-28 June yrardów).

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Not every congregation has provided a place for such meetings, but such consultations will take place wherever it wants.

After the meetings are over, he will The report will be published on the website

new infrastructure

Up to €10 billion for Gazprom Germany from the German State Bank

Germany is preparing a multi-billion dollar package for Gazprom Germania Energy, which will be owned by Gazprom by spring 2022. This is to help …

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The preferred location of the Port of Solidarity as of December 2021 was approximately 41 square kilometres, It occupies the northwestern part of the region with an area of ​​approximately 78 km2. According to the announcements, the investor’s variable area for the airport part of the project is located within the preferred location area. Some rail, road and utilities investments are also located outside, for example to ensure continuity of infrastructure and connectivity with existing roads.

The main facility will be a passenger terminal located on the south side of the railway. It will provide the railway station, which will be fully integrated with the station as one of the basic elements of the airport Direct contact, incl. With Warsaw and Lodz.

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Two runways are located on the East-West Line, parallel to the existing A2 motorway. During work on the master plan, they were moved 150 m to the south, and the southern runway was moved 850 m to the west from the north. It was on the verge of In order not to interfere in the valley of Pisia Gągolina and to run the railway over the river and under the station slab.

The passenger terminal is located on the south side of the railway. Two track lanes connect the north and south sides of the runway area on the east and west sides of the building.

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Connectors with A2 and DK50

New roads will connect the airport to the road network, including the A2 motorway and National Route 50. The following sections will be built as part of the CPK investment:

Horaza: Tusk agreed that the Polish energy sector’s effort must go to waste [WIDEO]

– In 2014, when Ewa Kopacz agreed to the current speculative mechanism, PiS deputies said that after 2020 this would lead to an apparent collapse in prices …

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to the southeast A new road section connecting the Solidarno port area to the existing A2 motorway, along with the necessary facilities and technical infrastructure. Until the airport is launched, the 90 km section of the A2 Warszawa-ódź will be expanded by GDDKiA by one lane in each direction, which will increase the capacity of this route and facilitate access to the port of Solidarność;

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west Sections connecting the airport area to the current DK50. The routes are planned to align with the solutions offered at the railway junction.

From the north side of the airport area The north side corridor of the airport is designed, which will provide additional east-west connectivity between DK50 and the station, and will also serve for local communications between Szymanów, Wiskitki and Baranów. The road will provide access to potential new facilities in the northern part of the area covered by the airport’s spatial development plan. In the long run, the road will facilitate access to the station from the future planned by GDDKiA from the west side of the airport Bypassing the Warsaw Conglomerate (OAW), Combine a number of potential investment areas.

TVP INFO mobile application for mobile devicesTVP INFO mobile application for mobile devices



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