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Cesare Bazura recalls how Edetka water broke out in the restaurant: “The waiter in us from dinner”

Cesare Bazura recalls how Edetka water broke out in the restaurant: "The waiter in us from dinner"

Cesare and Edita BazorEveryone knows the history of their acquaintance in the car of the restaurant The Wars, they got married in 2009 and raised three children together: a twelve-year-old Amelia, nine years Anthony And a three-year-old child early. EditaAs an instamama professional, it is the adventures of parents that she willingly shares with followers. Some time ago on my birthday Anthony She tells the story of the birth of her only son Cesare Bazora. A celebrity dined in an Italian restaurant when “She felt warmth running down her legs.”.

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The said afternoon in an Italian restaurant seems to be an unforgettable event in the Bazor family – this time it’s back to him Cesare Bazora In Żurnalista’s last interview. In it, the actor talked about his love Edith and their children and said he was alone with their children. Also with the restaurant that started in the one described above:

I ordered the seasonal seafood pasta. Fabulous, at an Italian restaurant next door to us. I say: “Aditka, don’t you eat soup?” Which: “You know what, I think my water broke. But you eat it” Back to today, years ago claw.

As mentioned the waiter’s reaction to that He ordered them to leave the building:


The actor also admitted it EditaAlthough she was born without anesthesia, “because there was no time”, She did not cry during childbirth:

This is a tough girl. He got it after his mother – says proudly.

You want to know that?


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