September 22, 2021

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Cesare Colisa.  Who is the new president of the Polish Football Association?  elections

Cesare Colisa. Who is the new president of the Polish Football Association? elections

  • Cesare Colizza, the average footballer who became a millionaire
  • 1994 was a breakthrough for Jagiellonia Biaystok’s long-term president. The company he founded at the time is one of the leading companies in the music industry
  • It’s time to take on new challenges. Cesare Colesa wants to establish himself as the president of the Polish Football Association
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On August 18, after nine years, a change of power occurred in the structures of the Polish Football Association. Zbigniew Buniek was the President of the Polish Football Association as of October 2012. Four years into his presidency, he ran for re-election and won again. His second term was ending a year ago, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, it has been extended for an additional twelve months. It was different, but in the end there seems to be more advantages than disadvantages.

From the very beginning of the election campaign for the new president of the Polish Football Association, it was known that the victory would be decided between two candidates: Marek Koimensky and Cesare Koliza. At first, it seemed that no major changes would happen, and that the inheritance of Zbigniew Bońek would take over his close colleagues. But over time, everything changed. Jagiellonia Biaystok’s longtime president became the favorite to take on this position. He was victorious.

football career

Cesare Colisa was born on June 22, 1962 in Białystok. He loved to play football, so he took it seriously. His adventure with football started with his appearance in Gwardia Biaystok, with his colors which made his debut in 1980. He played as an offensive midfielder and sometimes as a striker. Two years later, he moved to Zambrów, where he played for the local Olympia, then joined Mławianka Mława.

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In 1988, he joined Jagiellonia Biaystok, playing 14 matches at the highest level of the tournament in Poland. A year after signing the contract, he and the Podlasie team appeared in the Polish Cup final. In the match in Olsztyn, Gaga lost to Legia Warsaw 2: 5. Cesare Colisa appeared on the field during the second half.

He had an outer ring in his football career. In 1991 he left for Belgium, where for a short time he represented the colors of the third RFC Aubel league. After returning to his homeland, he played in the Jagiellonia reserve, later in MZKS Wasilków, and his adventure with football ended in the Supraślanka Supraśl. It happened in 1996, and interestingly enough, at that time he was running his own company.

business and management

After playing football, Cesare Colisa completely devoted himself to his career as a businessman. In 1994 he founded a record company called Green Star Music, which brings together the greatest stars of dance music, in particular Disco Polo. They collaborate with, among others Akcent, Boys, Jorrgus, Lider, Milano or Weekend. This company is one of the leaders in its industry in our country. After his success, he decided to expand his business, which is why he got involved in real estate acquisitions and even the hotel industry.

In 2008, the creator of Podlasie’s monopoly empire returned to Jagiellonia, this time as an activist. Initially as a sports consultant and agent. After some time he became a member of the board of directors, and at the end of January 2010 he replaced Irenes Trubinsky as president of the club. His reign is the best in the history of the team from Bialystok so far. In 11 years, Jaga won the Polish Cup and the Super Cup, and twice – in 2017 and 2018, she became the runner-up for the country.

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There were many former or current Polish representatives on the team, incl. Tomasz Frankowski, Kamil Grosicki, Grzegorz Sandomierski, Mikai Bazdan (returned to Jagiellonia in the summer), Jacek Goralsky, Tomasz Kubic, Karol Schwedersky, Przemyslav Frankowski.

At the beginning of June of this year, Cesare Colleza, announced that he would resign as President of Jagiellonia, which was connected with the decision to run for the presidency of the Polish Football Association.

– It is known that I would like to replace two Polish MPs with one, but this is what the sport looks like. The resignation is only related to the two decisions to run for the presidency of the Polish Football Association – the ex-president of Jagiellonia explained in an interview with the club’s media.

– Today Jagiellonia is a brand. 11 years ago, it was difficult to convince a player to play with us. I was not surprised, but today there is no such problem – he added.

Activity in the Polish Football Association

Cesare Colizza is definitely not a man out of nowhere. For years he has been an active member of the structures of Ekstraklasa SA, holding the position of Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board, and the Polish Football Association. He has been a member of the Polish Football Association Board of Directors since 2012. For five years now, he has been the Vice President of professional football.

Cezary Kulesza is notorious for not liking public appearances and appearing in the media. He has been campaigning for several months now, but mostly quietly, rarely giving interviews. Unlike his opponent in the elections, Marek Kominsky, he was not in favor of public debate. In any case, this is the peculiarity of elections in sports federations – support is gaining among activists on the field, and meetings with them have already been held.

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The new president of the Polish Football Association was elected by 118 delegates from all over the country. More than half of them, 60 people, are representatives of the ZPNs in the provinces. The distribution of seats depends on the number of clubs in the region. Professional soccer representatives have 50 delegates. You need 50% to win the first round. Plus one vote. Got Kulesza