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Champion Skorupski, promising Zalewski, weak Krychowiak with Góralski [NOTY]

Champion Skorupski, promising Zalewski, weak Krychowiak with Góralski [NOTY]

If the goalkeeper gets the highest score in a game where we conceded two goals… eh, no, let’s play the same song again. After the confrontation with the Netherlands, we can distinguish between several players. Nicola Zalewski did a good job, Szymon Żurkowski made a very positive change, pluses can be seen with Frankowski or Bednark.

Łukasz Skorupski – 8

Great first half with Timber’s shot stopped or Depay’s bomb caught in the middle of the goal. He could have done a little better when he hit the ball at Blind’s feet. But the second half, and especially its ending, was a real concert for Skorobsky. In Bologna he showed several times that he can defend something extra, and today he convinced us of that in the team shirt. He stopped Depay’s shot from close range on his reflexes, then miraculously parried a shot that hit the crossbar. He put a strong stamp on his cover letter when vying for the No. 2 spot in the goal.

Mate Cash – 5

It was great to watch his joy after the goal, because he expressed it beautifully, accurately and at an important moment. The problem was that he must have been too excited. To some extent, he was really good against his opponents on his flank, but I don’t think he was able to withstand such low pressure throughout the match. Peelund was allowed to pass when Klassen scored. On top of that, he added a completely mindless manual play on the penalty kick.

Jan Bednarek – 6

We conceded two goals and you gave the stopwatch six?! – Someone will ask. And we said: Is it Bednarek’s fault that the middle of the field did not keep up with Klassen? In the first half Bednarek was somewhat overshadowed by Kiwior 45 minutes before, but throughout the match the Southampton stopwatch was more confident. Very good in the air, throwing himself in clumps at all times. On the downside, Depay has been twisted quite a few times, but Depay has probably flipped every pole today.

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Jacob Keurer – 5

In the first half, he deserved a “seven”, because he looked like a smaller version of the whole Glick – he cleaned everything in the air, deleted every stray ball in the penalty area, looked like a classic starter. But after something broke, he wasn’t sure of his actions anymore, he started playing a little nervous. He is also the one who broke the offside line at the second goal of the Dutch.

Bartosz Berezinsky – 3

Again, we don’t know anything about the left-back team. If, after Puchacz’s performance, someone said, “You have to give Bereszyński there, at least he will defend him,” then today he was shot in the nose. Bereszyński was not dealing with the crowd, nor was he dealing with balls being played from behind. It’s hard to blame him for scoring goals, because although he was ultimately close to the scorers, he tried to correct mistakes in covering midfielders before with his move. He joined the front several times, tried to pat Zalewski, but here too the cooperation did not portend anything impressive. Some of the excuses might be the fact that he played with a minor injury he sustained in the warm-up.

Grzegorz Krychowiak – 3

Krychowiak too slow, too late? And with the card before the break? Do you lose cover when your opponent runs towards the penalty area? The last time we were surprised was when wednesday came after tuesday and there was no heat in february. He was more active in goal when he tried to explain to the referee that Bednarek had been fouled before Klassen’s shot. It’s good that he cut the movement two or three times. It is a pity that he was late six or seven times and saved himself by mistake (it smelled like a penalty…) or left it.

Jacek Goralsky – 3

Electric – in the positive and negative sense of the word. On the one hand, it gave us some power at low pressure, but more often than not it was just a trigger. While Krychowiak does many things very slowly, Góralski does many dirty things. Although…dirty means he can take the ball, protect it, and play it, he’s distracted and it just doesn’t work out. He may not be able to do so under pressure. This match showed a bit that Góralski doesn’t necessarily have to be a good choice against strong opponents. The battle itself will be useless when the defensive bolt forgets to cover and panics while pressing the opponent.

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Przemyslav Frankovsky – 7

The beginnings were tough, but he got off to a good start. At the beginning of the fight, Ake forced him to it several times and marked his area. But minute by minute it was better. He was helping Cash on the sidelines and waiting for his chances up front. There were not many of them, and there were rarely opportunities to leave a wing on the line of defense. But he moved perfectly to pass Piątek and consciously threw the ball to Zieliński with a goal in 2:0. He still had such a nice job when he put the ball on Krychowiak. How many times he got the ball and how many times he did something with it – positive performance.

Piotr Zieliński – 6

One of the few players who managed to keep the ball under pressure from the Dutch. It is a pity that at this meeting there was so little of him at the wheel, more often than not he was engaged in passing under stopwatches or simply in the fight for the ball with holes. The goal is a formal after Piątek and Frankowski’s action, but on the plus side, it went just like that for our striker’s strike.

Nikola Zalowski in the match against the Netherlands

Nikola Zalosky – 7

Cheek boy! His impudence is wonderful – he will set off for Dumfries here, and he will be the first to quarrel there, he is not chased. But we won’t thank him for his willingness to fight. There are other reasons to suffocate this young man. He is relaxed, is not afraid to engage in a duel, and at the same time plays responsibly and on his “aunt ura-bura Agata”. The first half was better than the second, after the break he rarely reached the Dutch penalty area, but was limited to moving along the line. But until the break, perhaps – next to Kiwior – the best in our team. And that’s help – a quick look at what’s in front of him, a short ball prep, an accidental cash-in-a-point conversion.

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Krzysztof Piątek – 6

It was a tough match for the striker. Especially like Piatek – the guy who stands somewhat in the penalty area, makes a move and waits for him to get the ball under his feet. Today he had to work hard near the center circle, push himself hard, jump into the heads, use competitors. He did this on average, although he looked better in engagements on the ground than in the air, but the assist for Zieliński’s goal was somewhat of a hit already. In the penalty area without a shot case. But he did his job.

Szymon Żurkowski – 7

Going in, Żurkowski showed that in 2022, a midfielder might play with defensive tasks too – attention, for some it might be a shock – playing the ball, not panicking when pressing the opponent, and forcing the loss himself through clever posture, anticipation of movement, and no pulling. With the legs of the opponent to commit a foul. Really positive entry in terms of interceptions, pickaxes and second balls collected.

Kamel Glick – Unrated (played for a very short time)

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