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Change of plans regarding Robert Lewandowski. FC Barcelona will issue a Pekka Nona advertisement

Change of plans regarding Robert Lewandowski.  FC Barcelona will issue a Pekka Nona advertisement

Robert Lewandowski It ended eight years of cooperation with Bayern Munich and changed the environment. His choice fell on FC Barcelona. The Polish striker’s move was by far the highlight of the summer at the Catalan club. The saga of this movement has been going on for several months now, and in the last days before the official confirmation of the deal, the number of media reports in every detail has been quite frightening.

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“Nuevo Trident”. Barcelona builds a magic triple attack. Lewandowski on top of the spear [ LIVE]

attention! Lewandowski showtime change at Camp Nou

No wonder so many people waited for the official introduction of Robert Lewandowski. can not be held the stadium “Parsi”. The transfer was confirmed while the team was on a pre-season tour of the United States, so the forward’s welcome was limited to a modest celebration and media appearance.

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Pires predicts how many goals Lewandowski will score. “I will be chauvinistic”

In turn, the official presentation will take place at the Camp Nou on Friday 5 August. F.C.B Announcing the changes: Originally the show was supposed to start at 11.00 and the conference at 12.00. Now it is known that there will be a delay of an hour and a half: the show will start at 12.30 – and the press conference at 1.30 in the evening.

During Friday’s event, the number the player will have on their jersey may also be announced. The show is also arousing great interest among supporters Barcelona. As the media reported, even the attendance record could be broken. The previous record belongs to Ronaldinho. 25,000 – Many fans welcomed the Brazilian at the Camp Nou. Now Catalan “Sport” estimates that more than 30,000 people will appear in the stands. Free admission.

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Can you buy a Barcelona shirt in the name of Lewandowski? Any number? Will we see the temporary change again during the show, or will Robert Lewandowski be welcomed with a full pump at the entire Camp Nou?

Presentation by Robert Lewandowski. Barcelona’s first pole game at the Camp Nou. And also the reactions of the fans and pictures from the stadium and the places that have now become the captain’s sport, and not just the sports of the homeland Polish national team. All this can be followed up on thanks to the reports of Special Envoy Dominic Wardzicowski. Photos, flavors, live reports, photos and videos. To track in, as well as on Instagram And the tik toco.

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