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Changes in the feet: mycosis, diabetes, gout, atherosclerosis

Changes in the feet: mycosis, diabetes, gout, atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis of the lower extremities does not cause symptoms immediately. The disease progresses slowly and changes in the arteries are delayed. suggestive symptoms Arteriosclerosis in the vessels of the lower extremities tiring faster And Pain in the lower extremities. may appear Feeling of numbness and tingling in the feet. If the disease progresses, the narrowed arteries make the extremities cold, hurt even at rest, and, interestingly, the leg with atherosclerotic lesions, lose hair. The atherosclerotic limb tends to swelling Due to abnormal blood flow in the blood vessels. On the skin of the foot, you can notice the so-called trophic changes – brown spots located over the entire surface of the skin. The sclerosing leg of the arteries has an imperceptible pulse. There is currently no effective way to treat atherosclerotic lesions, but their development can be significantly delayed by following a proper diet and maintaining physical activity.

diabetic foot syndrome This is amazing Chronic complications of diabetes. These symptoms appear in both patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Diabetics often do not feel any injuries to the foot due to damage to the nerve endings. These can be scrapes, cuts, or traces from shoes. This skin disorder often leads to ulceration. However, it can occur spontaneously. Foot ulcers are usually found on the foot Fingers appearing And In the wake of. They appear as shallow skin cracks that are difficult to heal. Failure to heal skin lesions in time may result in necrosis skinAs well as the remaining tissues of the foot. Diabetologist, surgeon, and podiatrist should be involved in the treatment of diabetic foot syndrome. Extensive ulcers leading to necrosis may be necessary amputation loweroccupied by changes. In order to avoid changes in the foot due to diabetes, the patient must first of all regulate blood sugar. Maintaining the glucose level within the recommended limits prevents the formation of ulcerative lesions. It is very important in diabetics Check their feet regularly They took care of their proper hygiene, using lubricating creams, and performed advanced treatments in professional podiatry offices.

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When observing your feet, it is also worth paying attention to nails. If it is brittle and brittle, as well as splitting, and the skin on the heels is thick, dry and cracked – this may be a sign of Hypothyroidism. People with thyroid disease may find their feet paler than the rest of their body and feel cold, regardless of the ambient temperature. In the case of problems with the thyroid gland, swelling may also appear around the ankles. What should also be of concern is joint stiffness and pain in the feet.

You can read about changes in the feet that occur during or after the development of COVID-19 here.

goutIt is a disease diabeticAnd obesity if arterial hypertension. If the foot is accompanied by severe pain, especially at night, swelling and redness of the big toe – this may be a sign of the development of the disease. As a result of deposition in the body Excess uric acid. It crystallizes and is deposited in joints and tendons as well as in surrounding tissues. Gout or gout is caused by Acute and recurrent arthritis, and more than 50 percent. Cases related to the metatarsophalangeal joint. It manifests itself in the form of bruising, swelling and pain in the foot at the base of the big toe. If uric acid is elevated for a long time, it may appear on the feet as well tofusAnd the large number of them leads to erosion of the bones. In order to prevent changes in the feet in case of gout, it is necessary to diagnose in time and introduce appropriate gout treatment.

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