September 21, 2021

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Podjęta przez Holandię próba ewakuacji cywilów z Afganistanu we wtorek wieczorem nie powiodła się. Z powodu chaosu w okolicach kabulskiego lotniska, osoby uprawnione do lotu nie dostały się na pokład maszyny - przekazała minister spraw zagranicznych Sigrid Kaag. W środę udało się jednak ewakuować pierwszych Holendrów dwoma samolotami.

Chaos in Kabul. A Dutch plane left without passengers

The Netherlands’ attempt to evacuate civilians from Afghanistan failed on Tuesday evening. Foreign Minister Sigrid Kaag said that because of the chaos near Kabul airport, people authorized to fly were not boarding the machine. But on Wednesday the first Dutchman was evacuated with two planes.

The Netherlands plans to evacuate to A thousand Afghans Work in the embassy and translators with their families.

Kaag said a military plane operated by the Netherlands and other northern European countries had left without any passengers on board. This terrible. Many of them were at the airport gates with their families – He told the Dutch news agency ANP.

The American soldiers who secured the airport in Kabul did not allow any unauthorized Afghans to enter the airport. Kag noted that the plane can stay at the airport for only half an hour. I hope it gets better on Wednesday. We’re trying to understand the situation and make sure we get to everyone we want to evacuate – She added.

However, it was reported on Wednesday that the first Dutchmen managed to leave Kabul. They took off on two planes on their way home. We are working hard with our allies on upcoming trips Sigrid Kaag Books.

It is unclear how many Dutch people have actually fled Afghanistan. We won’t report it yet Kaag told MPs.

The minister told the Dutch news agency ANP that she was “very relieved.” But this is only the first step, more and more people still need to be evacuated Kag was saying.

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The State Department announces that it plans to organize shuttle flights.

US forces were forced to halt all evacuations on Monday, as Kabul airport was packed with thousands of people who wanted to flee the Afghan capital, which was occupied by the Taliban on Sunday. Flights resumed Tuesday morning.

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