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Charcoal can now be purchased from PGG only twice a week. dissatisfied customers. “Pier *** n Servers”

Charcoal can now be purchased from PGG only twice a week.  dissatisfied customers.  "Pier *** n Servers"

As we read in the company’s announcement, sales from May 31 coal In the online store, this is only done on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Previously, the Poles could buy raw materials from Monday to Friday. Confirmed that merchandise is placed on the “shop shelf” from 16:00 and is available while stocks last.

“Quantity coal Sold by the online store does not change. We just changed the number of sessions to two sessions per week, with more carbon for clients. This will allow you to limit the time you spend participating in sales sessions, ”- explains PGG.

Coal prices are going up. ‘Brokers grab huge profits’

PGG is changing the rules for coal sales. “Servers are gone”

Polska Groupa Gornica Confirms that by suggesting the new Coal sales principles, wants to meet the “customer expectations”. It also states that it is still working to improve the store’s functionality. “Customer interest is enormous, it reached the peak just yesterday shopping He tried to make more than 103 thousand. users. There are currently 318,000 registered in the store. accounts “- PGG explains in a press release published on June 1. Earlier, the company noted that The online store sometimes corners as many as 70 thousand. People.

You can read more about coal on the homepage

Charcoal (illustration)Vice President of MAP: Talks are underway to increase coal imports

However, in social media you can find critical opinions of the Poles regarding the sale of coal only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. “Nothing good comes from this change. Coal in the trash, the code is entered, the city is found, but problems with finding the street. Full comment, you can not enter anything” – wrote one Internet user. “And the servers are gone” – a customer wrote on Facebook.

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Another Internet user noted that buying coal “on offer” in the PGG online store at 16:00 will be very difficult for some Poles. “Most of the workers can’t order. Because they just came back work“- We read.” Now it will be a circus, two days a week, now only those fucking servers ”- writes another Internet user.

The Poles threw themselves into cheap coal from PGG. The purchase is almost a miracle

Charcoal can be purchased at Polska Grupa Górnicza via the website [LINK]. The problem is that due to the very high interest, the merchandise disappears in the blink of an eye and the website is often overloaded.

To buy charcoal from PGG, you must first register on the website. Up to 5 tons of charcoal can be purchased for one registered kiln. When registering, please provide the address of the house where the coal will be used and a copy of the permit from the Buildings Central Emission Register.

Coal must be picked up in person in a vehicle prepared for the transportation of coal. You can use the services of the carrier. If we do not get the coal in person, please fill out the power of attorney for the transportation company.

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