September 23, 2021

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Charlotte Johnson and the parents of Boris Johnson's mother have passed away

Charlotte Johnson and the parents of Boris Johnson’s mother have passed away

Charlotte Johnson Wahl was a painter – despite being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at the age of 40. She married Boris Johnson’s father, Stanley, in 1963, and they had four children with him – plus the current prime minister, a daughter, a journalist, Rachel, and sons Joe, who held various positions for some time. In the government at the level of Deputy Minister and Liu, dealing with environmental security. They separated in 1979.

In 1988, Charlotte Johnson married American professor Nicholas Wahl, who died eight years later. After his death, she returned to London.

As the Daily Telegraph writes, Boris Johnson once described his mother as the “supreme authority” in his family and credited her with instilling the belief that all human life is equal. Ms. Johnson Wahl said in 2015 of her eldest son that she had a tender heart, and in 2008 as he faced mounting career challenges, she felt “completely concerned about him”.

Last year, during the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic, Johnson mentioned his mother at one of the government’s press conferences, saying he hoped to see her on Mother’s Day, but would eventually speak to her on Skype.

In 2019, at his first Conservative Party conference after becoming prime minister, Johnson told delegates they had the right to question his core principles and ideals, explaining that his mother taught him to believe in “equal importance, equal dignity and equal value.” Every human on the planet .”

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In the same speech, he revealed that his mother voted in the 2016 referendum in favor of the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union.