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Children found the largest species of penguin

Children found the largest species of penguin

From time to time, discoveries occur in the world of science that change, to a greater or lesser extent, the perception of a person on a particular topic. Most often this is due to many years of research by eminent scientists, but there are cases when everything happens by complete chance. This is what happened in 2006, when a group of youth campers in New Zealand found the remains of a prehistoric animal – a huge penguin.

The discovery was made in The North Island of New Zealand – Waikato, in the port of Kohiya, where organized the search for fossils of small crustaceans, which can be found there in abundance. However, this trip turned out to be something extraordinary. The camp found Complete the skeleton of a giant penguin, whose bones were petrified in a piece of sandstone.

Raport: a giant fossil Oligocene penguin from the North Island of New Zealand; Massey University

Soon after the discovery, paleontologists addressed this issue and studied the specimen for many years. Researchers from Massey University and the Bruce Museum They analyzed the fossils using 3D scanning and also compared them to other similar finds. The result clearly indicated that this is a completely new species of penguin. Daniel Thomas is Senior Lecturer in Zoology at the Massey Academy of Life Sciences and Computational Sciences, It was mentioned that the bones of a prehistoric creature do From 27.3 to 34.6 million years ago It comes from a period when most of Waikato was still under water. Mike Saffey, president of the Hamilton Club of Naturalists, emphasized how important this discovery was to the perception of the world.

“Finding fossils near where we live reminds us that we share our current environment with animals that have a much longer history.”

The newly discovered species of penguin has been named foot diver Which means “long legs” in Maori. it is expected that It was about 1.6 meters long from the feet to the tip of the arch, as well as 1.4 meters high when standing. The name refers to the more famous Kairuku giant penguin, which, however, had much shorter legs.

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Raport: a giant fossil Oligocene penguin from the North Island of New Zealand. Massey University

One of the participants in the unforgettable expedition in 2006, Stephan Safi, who was 13 years old at the time, also spoke about the discovery:

“It’s surreal to know that the discovery we made as children many years ago contributes to today’s science.” It’s a new kind! The existence of giant penguins in New Zealand is little known, so it’s really great to know that the community continues to research and learn more about them. The day I spent cutting it into the sandstone seemed to be well spent! “

Scientists do not yet know why the penguins in this region have developed to such a huge size, but research on this issue is already underway. An added flavor is the fact that until 2006, paleontologists found rather flawed penguin fossils, so this discovery may be a breakthrough in learning about the history of these creatures around the world.

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