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China is threatening America. They did not rule out a sharp military response – Wprost

China is threatening America.  They did not rule out a sharp military response - Wprost

The case was reported by the Financial Times. The journalists cite reports from six independent people who allegedly had insight into the content of China’s warnings to the United States. Beijing has repeatedly criticized U.S. policy toward Taiwan, but the language of the documents has never been so harsh, the newspaper’s correspondents acknowledged.

The cable that mentioned possible military retaliation was particularly noteworthy. This could happen if the President of the US House of Representatives visits Taiwan. Nancy Pelosi’s potential delegation will take place in August.

The US administration did not respond to media reports. Neither the White House National Security Council nor the State Department responded to reporters’ questions. China’s foreign ministry also declined to comment.

The United States does not formally recognize Taiwan. However, unofficially, they have very good relations with the government in Tejpeg. It is not a secret to anyone that the Americans provided others with modern weapons. Meanwhile, China considers Taiwan a rebel province and an integral part of the state. Officials in the Middle Kingdom severed diplomatic ties with any country that decided to have any relations with Taiwan.

Kissinger warns US against confrontation with China

Henry Kissinger He told Bloomberg that “geopolitics today” require Nixon’s flexibility to help mitigate conflicts between the United States and China and Russia and the rest of Europe. The former head of US diplomacy warned that China should not become a global hegemon. Kissinger advised Joe Biden to ensure that domestic politics did not interfere with “the importance of understanding China’s stability.”

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The 99-year-old asserted that the current US president and previous administrations were “very much influenced by the internal aspects of their view of China”. “Certainly preventing the hegemony of China or any other country is important, but that is not something that can be achieved through endless conflict,” Kissinger said.

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