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China spacecraft after test flight. Is this the answer to the USA X-37B?

China spacecraft after test flight.  Is this the answer to the USA X-37B?

Every once in a while, the X-37B, the mysterious work of the U.S. Air Force, attracts attention, but today it has a worthy competitor with a three-minute reputation. The Chinese spacecraft has completed its first major test, making it clear that it has a taste not only for the United States in the use of this type of equipment.

Let’s start with the fact that spacecraft are not revolutionary. In fact, their subcommittee colleagues have recently found their way to the public with Jeff Bezos, who recently went into space with the Blue Origin spacecraft. This is the main difference between the Chinese spacecraft and the American, because while the X-37B is an orbital aircraft, the Chinese opponent does not currently have the power to reach orbit, and in its current configuration it will only make sub-orbiting aircraft. Don’t worry, China doesn’t want to play space tourism.

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China’s spacecraft has completed its critical flight. Now the adventure has begun

However, the Chinese spacecraft with an unknown name takes off like a rocket and lands like an airplane, just like the American rival, you can see in the pictures. However, we must give time to China, because the last successful test flight is for its first reusable spacecraft, which will benefit the People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

The launch and flight took place at the Jiguan Satellite Launch Center in mid-July, culminating in the Alka Wright Banner Airport in northern China. So it flew a lot, but it should be remembered that China’s sub-orbital spacecraft must return to Earth after the engines are shut down. Unlike the X-37B, it will run for hundreds of days after hitting orbit.

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The Chinese government sees this new creation as the beginning of a larger, more efficient spacecraft. According to Space News, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp (CASC), a state-owned company, plans to build a nuclear-powered spacecraft by 2045. This is not surprising, since CASC, as an airline, builds new missiles, rockets or military drones, and the last test of the spacecraft ‘s aircraft served as a project to mark China’s continued development of space capabilities.

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It is a pity that we do not have any photos or information on this Chinese spacecraft because it is said to be “unpredictably advanced”. Eventually, his heirs could be used to launch satellites into orbit, test or carry out espionage operations.

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