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Chinese lunar base – construction date specified. It will be powered by a nuclear reactor

Chinese lunar base - construction date specified.  It will be powered by a nuclear reactor

China’s lunar exploration program has been following its pace for years, with authorities there reportedly not interested in the space race straight from the Cold War, when the Soviet Union and the United States vied for dominance in space. The most interesting are the reports of the South China Morning Post portal, which has just been notified A new advertisement for the Chinese Space Agency.

The website reported that China will significantly speed up the construction of the lunar base. Originally, it was supposed to be built in 2035, while The new plan assumes that it will be in place by 2027.

Photo: China Academy of Aerospace Technology

The lunar base in China – an artistic vision

Where did this decision come from? It is supposed to result, inter alia, from the accusations leveled by China against the United States. China claims that the Americans want to take the moon for themselves, and create areas there that other countries will not be able to reach. So the Chinese want to drain the Americans and their prince Artemis Lunar Late Program and in a few years you’ll have a spot on the Silver Globe. And at a much lower cost than the US. China is not planning an orbital station on the Moon.

you are welcome The base must be powered by a nuclear reactor It will allow Chinese astronauts to stay longer on the surface of our satellite. Interestingly enough, China is not planning a permanent human presence there – at least not yet. It is also supposed to nullify the lunar aspirations of the United States The second lunar base in China. It is supposed to be a mobile structure capable of moving freely on the surface of the moon for a distance of 1,000 km and using artificial intelligence algorithms. Thanks to this, it can work even without the presence of people.

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The European Space Agency is also planning its base on the Moon

Foto: ESA / Foster + Partners

The European Space Agency is also planning its base on the Moon

Altogether, China wants to have a dominant position on the Moon by 2050, also with the help of Russia, which will support the Middle Kingdom in the construction of the aforementioned facility. China is also constantly working on a 1 megawatt space nuclear reactor, a super rocket capable of delivering 150 tons of payload into orbit (ie. Similar to SpaceX Starship) and hypersonic shuttleIt is to fly in orbit around the Earth. It should be noted that in the summer of 2020, the prototype of this design has already completed its first test flight. In short, the lunar race will be exciting!

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