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Chojniczanka with an upgrade. Ruch Chorzw i Wigry Suwaki at Bekka Nona Barat

Chojniczanka with an upgrade.  Ruch Chorzw i Wigry Suwaki at Bekka Nona Barat

at Saturday Match in round 32 of the second round Leagues. in it Chojniczanka Chojnice face with They are hunting Grodzisk Mazowiecki. Although Thomas Kvarski’s team struggled on the offensive for a long time, not being able to break the opponent’s defense, they eventually won the match 1-0. In the 85th minute of the competition, Mikhail Gadish scored an own goal.

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Chojniczanka Chojnice sure of promotion to the 1st league. Interesting in the playoffs

Thanks to the victory over Pogoń, Grodzisk Mazowiecki was under his auspices Tomas Kkersky They ensured themselves upgrade to the above Leagues football. The match also had a huge impact in securing a place at the back of the league for two rounds before the end of the season chorzo movement With Olympia Elblig, which ended in a goalless draw. If the first team wins the match, Chojniczanka players will have to wait for a possible promotion to the next match.

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After Tomash Kavarsky’s team beat Bogo Grodziesk Mazowiecki, none of the clubs could get past Chugenizanka – third Roch Chorzo loses eight points to the vice-leader of the table from a possible six. Thanks to this, the Shogunese players are back Premier League After two years of absence. Along with her, she also scored in the first league Steel Rzeszwtable leader.

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Such a balance of power means that in the play-offs of the top league we will definitely see Roche Chorzow, Motor Lublin and Wigry Suwałki, which Radu Stoica VII cannot be outdone. It remains an open question who will compete alone dirty And any team that joins the wrestling three for the last place awarded is promoted to the back of the league. At the moment, the Lech reserve occupies the sixth place. However, Radunia’s potential win with Pogoń Siedlce would push the team down to a lower position.

In contrast, is sure to drop from the second Leagues They are Pogoń Grodzisk Mazowiecki and Metal World Krakow.

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