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Christian Ochman is having an affair. And with whom! The journalist pushed him in!

Christian Ochman is having an affair.  And with whom!  The journalist pushed him in!

Christian Ochman now has his “five minutes” and he uses them meticulously. After a good reception at Eurovision, it became even louder.

Gwiazdor offers concerts only in Poland. He recently flew to the States, but there was a bad situation. The secret of his personal life was revealed.

Some time ago, the media reported that Ochman’s success at Eurovision caused turmoil in his love life. His relationship broke off, as he himself confirmed in a conversation with the Pleiades.

“I don’t have a girlfriend right now, but I think it’s great to have a second person who you can be open with and tell her everything to. Trust is very important in this situation,” he admitted, adding that it “didn’t.” does not work”.

But in this department too, Ochman seems to have changed some time ago. Christian probably didn’t want to brag about it in advance. fromA journalist in America did it for him.

During the Polonaise Festival in Chicago, the host said on stage that the star already has a new girlfriend.

It is not the end because the man made a decision Also reveal the name of his chosen one, and he also called her … fiancee!

“He has a beautiful person, fiancee Karolina” – revealed the journalist.

Ochman did not comment on the revelations. Her Instagram report shows that she is happy. Well, with such a “beautiful person” it will surely come easy for him …

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