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Cimanouska about life in Poland. “We thought it was fun. Now it’s tough” Athletics

Cimanouska about life in Poland.  "We thought it was fun. Now it's tough" Athletics

Belarusian sprinter Krysina Simanoska She criticized her coaching staff During Tokyo OlympicsAs a result, they tried to bring her home by force. Athlete She was transferred from the Olympic Village to the airport, where she was to return to the country. But at the last moment, the contestant managed to escape from her guards and did not board the plane to Minsk, then she reported to the police and asked for protection. Cimanouska obtained a humanitarian visa from the Polish authorities.

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Polish Athletics hope aims for great success. “She really wants this medal.”

Kryscina Cimanouska talks about life in Poland. “Now I can say it’s hard”

Kressin Simanoska She posted an Instagram post in which she told fans about living with her husband in Poland. The 24-year-old admitted that she is not happy at the moment. “We have been living with my husband in Warsaw for two months. Unfortunately, this is a necessary measure, many people are leaving Biaorui For your own safety, we are no exception. At first my husband and I thought it was fun. Now I can say that it is difficult. We will follow protocol for as long as necessary. At first, we couldn’t leave the house, only to attend very important meetings.”

“Gradually, there was more and more freedom. We rented an apartment, I started training, but they kept watching us. All our movements and every work was coordinated, even going to the grocery store. It would seem funny, but we even took the dog with the guards. Now I dream about these ordinary things, About meeting friends, shopping or walking around the city. There are many places we like to visit. You can dine in a restaurant whether you are going to stay a few hours in the mall. For now I accept the new reality ”- added Shimanowska.

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A Belarusian woman and her husband are protected 24 hours a day. Kryscina Cimanouska specializes in sprint races. In 2017, she won the silver medal of the youth championship Europe played in BydgoszczTwo years later she won the gold medal in the 200 meters at the Universiade in Naples.

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