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Clear. We know what about the outcome of the Janikovsky-Breze battle

Clear.  We know what about the outcome of the Janikovsky-Breze battle

– We will try to get the result of the fight “no competition” – Damian Janikovsky announced on Monday. As we’ve established, the final decision on Saturday’s battle between Pole and Tom Breeze is already known.

Artur Mazur

    Damian Janikovsky

Press materials / / Pictured: Damien Janikovsky

Damian Janikovsky and Tom Breeze met in a cage on Saturday evening at Ostro Wielkopolski, where the KSW 74 concert was held. The duel was halted in the second round after an attempt to strangle Breeze. Janikowski hit his opponent’s back twice with his open hand. It was these strokes that Judge Thomas Bronder interpreted as intimidation and submission.

Janikovsky did not want to agree to the referee’s decision and unleashed his emotions in the cage. The Olympic medalist emphasized that his intention was not to give up the fight, that he was aware throughout the final procedure, and added that he only wanted to tie the competitor’s back buckle.

The co-owner of KSW did not agree with his assessment of the situation. – First of all, I am not only judging the judge. The judge was closer, saw the face, saw what was happening there and had the right to judge the situation in his own way. The judge is always with the law. Second, I think Damien didn’t quite know what he was doing, because he was “okay” and pat. If you lie on your back and are in the position you are in, you don’t pat your opponent on the back, but if you pat, think about how you perceive him – explained Maciej Kawulski in an interview with WP SportoweFakty.

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Watch the video: Janikovsky on his emotions after the fight with Bryce

One of the leaders of the organization was also disgusted by Janikovsky’s behavior immediately after the clash ceased. I’m talking about the audience-oriented words of Ostrów Wielkopolski.

– There was a conversation between them. As Damien explained, the order of the eavesdropping, ‘okejek’ etc. is debatable, and the audience in a serious organization is certainly not told that ‘you should boo the judge’. You just don’t. He’s a competitor with a history of Olympic sports, said Kawolsky, and that’s what he should be ashamed of.

On Monday, Yannikovsky apologized for these words, but did not change his mind about the eavesdropping himself. “We will try to get the result of the NC fight and want a quick rematch, as Tom himself suggested. He himself was surprised by what happened. This fight could have been longer and better. Social media.

KSW’s actions to change the outcome of the battle are clear and straightforward. – The contestant has 48 hours to submit a written protest and pay the specified amount of the deposit. Only after that does the organization appoint a panel of independent judges to consider the protest. Janikovsky’s employees had the right to appeal by Monday. So far, no such appeal has been received, and this means that the case has been closed – explains Wojsław Rysiewski, the organization’s sports director.

When asked about the instant rematch between the Pole and the Englishman, he answered succinctly. The final decision in this regard has not yet been taken.

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