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Climate of ballots in November elections

The maneuvers begin in Bulgaria with players from Great Britain and the United States

The American voter can express his views on the fight against climate change on the ballot. This is possible because of the electoral efforts involved and decisions about who to support in the November election.

Climate-related issues may be reflected in election efforts or questions placed on the ballot. California and New York have made proposals that would provide billions of dollars in funding for climate and environmental programs. These include more electric vehicle charging stations, water treatment and sanitation. Voters in some Massachusetts constituencies will also respond to these proposals.

On September 8, the mid-term elections are held in the United States. Americans will vote for, among other things, candidates for the US Congress, governors and local government representatives. Regardless, voters in 37 states will decide the fate of 132 statewide election efforts. They cover various things including climate.

As the “New York Times” emphasized, the so-called Clean Water, Clean Air, Green Jobs Act, a $4.2 billion initiative, is the state’s largest environmental program. This will help infrastructure to cope with climate change. It will contribute to funds, among others, to purify water, prevent flooding and improve public health.

According to Public Radio in Connecticut, voters in several Massachusetts counties can answer on the ballot, for example, whether their legislators should introduce and support legislation on tariffs on fossil fuel products. Most of these funds go to state residents.

“Unrestricted election questions are designed to instruct voters on how to proceed in a given case to their legislators,” explained Natalie Blais of the Massachusetts Legislature.

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The US media insists that not only electoral efforts, but also the choice of specific legislators will determine the fate of the battle against climate change. In general, Democrats care more about protecting the environment.

If Republicans take over the House of Representatives and (possibly) the Senate, they will do everything they can to thwart President Joe Biden’s efforts. At stake is $370 billion in incentives for clean energy, electric vehicles and pollution reductions. Plans in the law to reduce inflation, “Politico” portal reported. As he recalls, the legislation passed with zero support from the GOP.

Andrzej Dobrowolski from New York

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