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Closed schools and distance education? Minister Kazarnik agrees with the experts. shocking! – Super Express

Closed schools and distance education?  Minister Kazarnik agrees with the experts.  shocking!  - Super Express


The World Health Organization recommends keeping schools open for as long as possible. “Last year widespread school closures have done more harm than good,” said Dr Hans Kluge, WHO regional director for Europe. The Minister of Education, Przemyslav Kzarnik, agrees with the experts of this organization.

Currently, 45 European countries offer full-time classes in schools, 7 countries have opted for full or partial school closure, and 2 countries have recommended distance learning. In the face of the growing fourth wave of the Corona virus, the World Health Organization addressed the matter, especially as the epidemiological situation is expected to worsen. Dr Hans Kluge, WHO Regional Director for EuropeThere is no doubt that lessons should take place in schools. According to the organization, schools should be the last places to close and the first places to reopen. The large-scale closure of schools in the past year, which disrupted the education of millions of children and young people, has done more harm than good, especially the mental and social well-being of children. We can’t repeat the same mistakes – Dr. Hans Kluge said.

According to the WHO Regional Director for Europe, instead of closing educational institutions, one should focus on prevention – maintaining physical distance, washing hands frequently, wearing masks, ensuring adequate ventilation in classrooms and increasing access to testing, especially in high prevalence environments. high.

Kazarnik: up to 30 thousand. infection a day? There will be no distance learning if the health service is effective

In addition to vaccination of priority populations and teachers, WHO and the European Technical Advisory Group of Vaccination Experts (ETAGE) recommend the vaccination of young people aged 12-17 years who have comorbidities or are in contact with immunocompromised adults. For children under 12 years of age, the World Health Organization will release more guidance on the use of vaccines as new evidence from vaccine trials becomes available. Science must prevail over policy, and children’s long-term interests must remain a priority – especially now with increased transmission of the virus in many countries. We have more effective tools to counter this growth than closing schools, says Dr. Kluge.

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You are like the head of the World Health Organization

The Minister of Education and Science is in a similar situation, at least with regard to school closures. On Sunday (October 31) Przemyslav Ksarnik was asked on Radio Zdyinka about the epidemiological situation and the way schools work, incl. About whether learning should move to the far mode due to the fourth wave. We are fully aware that with the second and third waves the situation was different from the fourth. Such decisions were needed to cut off social contact, the social contacts in which the virus is spreading. Today the situation is different, it is difficult, but not like the second and third waves – Assessment of your crank.

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The minister emphasized that as long as this was possible – and so far no change is expected – steady education will continue. – Of course I am not able to exclude a case when the health service will be on the verge of efficiency again, there will be a lot of cases of illness, and above all hospitalization and severe cases, it will be necessary to affect social contacts again – said the head of MeiN.

– I expect that at the beginning, if this happens, we will have restrictions in other areas of public life, and not in school, because we are all aware that distance learning has caused a great loss of knowledge and the physical and mental state of our students – he added.


Do you think that schools and kindergartens should be closed due to the fourth wave of the Corona virus?

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