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Closed TV stations – RL7, VIVA Polska, TVN CNBC, TVN Gra, TVN Meteo

Closed TV stations - RL7, VIVA Polska, TVN CNBC, TVN Gra, TVN Meteo

1. RTL7

Channel start, profile, ads, ads. RTL7 Dec 6, 1996

Station RTL7 started working in 1997. It was launched by the German company RTL Group. The channel was available to owners of satellite channels. It was there that you could watch a lot of popular American films and series such as “Sunset Beach”, “Seventh Heaven” or “Dragon Ball”. In addition to this featured series, you can also watch Polish productions on RTL7. One of the most liked by viewers was the talk show “Evening with the Vampire”, which was hosted by Wojciech Jagelsky. Later, the program was broadcast on TVP2. Magda Mołek’s information services “7 minut” and “Zoom” are other examples of programs that are eagerly followed. The RTL7 station enjoyed a high viewership, but as viewer interest declined over time, the broadcaster decided to sell. Turns out the RTL7 buyer was too TVN . groupwhich changed this station in 2002 to TVN7 (so far it is broadcast on terrestrial television).

2. Business TV

TV Biznes – Part of the broadcast – 05.01.2007

TV Biznes started broadcasting in 2003 as Poland’s first economic channel. a. Piotr Chomczyński and Piotr Barełkowski. The station was based in Pozna, in the building of the Pozna International Fair. The life of this channel was not very long. After 4 years she bought it Pulsat TV. In 2013, the broadcaster decided to expand the station’s offering by offering viewers lifestyle programs, which led to Change the name to Polsat Biznes. In 2014, Polsat Biznes was converted to Polsat News 2, to adapt the format to the needs of recipients. Economic programs were replaced by state and world news.

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TVN CNBC was created in 2007. It was an economic channel based on an international license from CNBC. It was built by the economic editorial office of TVN24, at that time under the leadership of Roman Modkovsky (also the founder and founder of the station). Młodkowski ran the station until August 2013, and was replaced by TVN24 Editor-in-Chief – Adam Peczynski. The channel in this format has existed for 6 years, in 2013 it was closed. after one year In place of TVN CNBC, TVN24 Biznes i Świat (today TVN24 BiS) was created. Today’s TVN24 BiS schedule consists of information and economic news from the world.

4. Atomic TV

Atomic TV turns into MTV Polska

Atomic TV is a Polish language television station that broadcasts music videos from many different musical genres, such as pop, rock, hip-hop and even heavy metal. It started working in February 1997. It didn’t work for long, because already In 2000 it was sold to the owner of the MTV station and thus became MTV Polska. This channel exists today, but apart from music videos, the programming spectrum is filled with a huge amount of reality shows. On Atomic TV you can watch hosts like Joanna Horodyńska, Jarosław Budnik or Jacek Kaczyński.

5. Viva Polska

Artwork Collection No. 7 – VIVA Polska (2000-2017)

Another TV musician who ended his career was Viva Polska – the original version of the music channel from our German neighbors. The channel was created in 2000, but 4 years later (exactly in 2004), the Viva broadcaster was bought by MTV Networks Polska (today Paramount), the competitive owner of MTV Polska. For the first few years, it was possible to watch music videos on Polish Viva, and over time, music was replaced by various entertainment programmes. Even the station owners decided that reality show And your series. Viva Polska ended broadcasting in October 2017, when it officially became MTV Music. The reason for the closure of Viva, as is often the case in such cases, was the low viewership.

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Szymon Hołownia vs Wojciech Cejrowski ( Part One.

There is also a channel that no longer exists founded in 2007. The idea to create the channel came from one of the three founders of the ITI group – Mariusz Walter. Initially, the channel could only be viewed by platform n owners, but it expanded its reach very quickly. At its best, the station has been watched by as many as 8.3 million subscribers. In September 2010, the website was created, and in December of the same year the channel was added to the satellite view of the DISH Network. This action meant that was allowed to broadcast in the United States. In April 2011, the channel was also introduced by Cyfrowy Polsat. Despite over 8 million viewers, TV hasn’t been able to support itself And it was still dependent on the ITI group. In the end, the broadcast of the channel ended in 2015.

7. TVN Gra


Not everyone remembers that several years ago it was possible to watch on Polish TV A channel with interactive games. Prize money can be received as part of contests and puzzles. TVN Gra, a channel of the TVN group, was launched in 2005 and ran until 2008. After 3 years, TVN’s board of directors decided to close the station due to low viewership. Funds invested in the station (about 5-6 million) did not return as initially planned. TVN Gra turned out to be too unprofitable to continue.

8. TVN Meteo

TVN Meteo – Ident 2003-2008 (HQ)

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TVN Meteo was created in 2003. Initially, the channel mainly showed weather forecasts, but over time the station expanded its offer. Esoteric programs and the popular program “Maga in the Garden” led by Lieutenant-Colonel Maja Popielarska. In 2013, TVN Meteo switched to Meteo Active It also broadcasts health and sports programmes. However, the newly created project did not meet the tastes of the audience and a few years later, in 2017, it was changed to HGTV. HGTV focused on home and garden themes.

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