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Cloudy Mel Gibson explores Venice with his wife, 35 years younger than her, and 5-year-old son (PHOTOS)

Cloudy Mel Gibson explores Venice with his wife, 35 years younger than her, and 5-year-old son (PHOTOS)

glory times Mel Gibson long overdue Once one of the most powerful stars in Hollywood, he’s become persona non grata, and it’s all because of him Earth jumps Racist, homophobic, or anti-SemiticWhich alienated the entire film industry. The nail in the coffin of his career was the recordings shared by his ex-partner, which his daughter’s mother would like to see “I was raped by a group of negroes.”

Gibson There are still a lot of games – only in 2022 they go to distribution As many as 6 films with his participation It’s not a classy movie though. However, the actor does not seem to mind: Mel has been associated with a 35-year-old for several years Rosalind Rosswith whom he had a child in 2017 (Thus, he became a father for the ninth time).

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The media attention also translates to the paparazzi eagerly following the antics of Mel and his young partner. The parents of 5-year-old Lars could not avoid the paparazzi during their fall trip to Venice, where they were accompanied by their sympathizers. First, the delighted group went to St. Mark’s Square, where they admired one of the most famous basilicas in the world. Later, the family was waiting for a boat ride.

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One of the best actors. Rumors about him concerned only the disappointed.

very good actor what do you write ??? !!!

Caught With My Wife??? And this is just a feeling

But they were handsome in Lethal Weapon.

compromise? It was he who revealed the dark secrets of Hollywood. One of the few who had the courage to tell the truth.

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And another boy stylized as a girl. What for? My sons always look like boys, and there is no doubt that they are boys. Especially since they see themselves as boys. My friend from school always had long hair up to his armpits and his mother dressed him in such clothes, a little for girls. In those days, it was an exception. Later, the boy hanged himself because he could not find himself either as a girl or as a boy. If someone’s birth axis feels different sex, great, let them change. But parents impose it weak

I also have a partner who is over 35 years old, but I am afraid that he will leave me for a younger guy. At 66 years old, he’s still a spirited young bull

He consciously left Hollywood, they made him crazy for revealing the truth about what was happening there, about pedophiles and Satanism / Illuminati.

Mel is a great man! It is Pedowood who is trying to eliminate him in every way because he dared to talk about their disgusting practices and secrets that they do with children, among other things!!! Who knows knows.. Adreno.Chrom Pizz @ gate M @ soneria …

Fireworks set off again on a competitive portal – she cares about these disappearing images and again contradicts herself between words 😖😩

compromise? It was he who revealed the dark secrets of Hollywood. One of the few who had the courage to tell the truth.

How is Marek Konradt…well, he can eliminate that belly…because he has a young girlfriend.

After that, what do they do from son daughter…

Thank you very much.. someone bragged that they make $5,000 a day on some blogger’s path. At first I didn’t believe it, but I googled Zuzanna Awakowska and when I read what they wrote about him and how much they earn, I decided to give it a try. I don’t regret it… and with all my heart I wish everyone the courage to try new things because it really is worth it. I just wonder why people still work full time? Who wants to know such things

Why do children of Hollywood stars often have long hair? I don’t mind but it’s confusing.

Mel Gibson dumps his wife of 35 years younger in cloudy Venice

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