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CNN has fired presenter Chris Cuomo for sexually assaulting the brother of New York’s governor

CNN has fired presenter Chris Cuomo for sexually assaulting the brother of New York's governor

Before his final release Chris CuomoPresenter and host of the 21-year-old news magazine, he was temporarily suspended from his duties.

“We asked the law firm to investigate the case and then took the decision to resign from its services immediately,” a statement posted on Twitter said. “More information was revealed in the course of the investigation” incriminating the journalist.

Documents released after a New York State Assembly-mandated investigation yielded “compelling evidence” of sexual harassment of women by a former governor revealed that Chris Cuomo advised his brother on how to recover from persecution, which the leadership did. CNN It was found to be inconsistent with the ethics of journalism.

A spokesman for the station said, on Tuesday, that “these documents that we have not seen before raise very serious questions,” noting that the journalist’s participation in the defense of his brother is “wider than originally assumed.”

sexual harassment

Chris Cuomo, 51, has never denied that he was trying to help his older brother. During the hearings in July, he announced that he would do whatever his 64-year-old brother asked of him.

Eleven women accuse him of sexually harassing Cuomo, the eldest in a decade. In October, Andrew Cuomo was convicted of sexually assaulting his ex-partner. The harassment occurred in December 2020.

On November 22, the New York State Assembly announced the results of an investigation that included “compelling evidence” of the former governor’s sexual harassment of women. There were also other allegations. A report by the New York State House of Representatives blamed Cuomo, among others, for using his subordinates to prepare his book on Covid-19 during work hours.

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The CNN administration said the investigation into Chris Cuomo, the governor’s brother, is not yet complete and will continue despite his dismissal.

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