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Coca-Cola Russia Fake Fanta Sprite CoolCola, Fancy Street

Coca-Cola Russia Fake Fanta Sprite CoolCola, Fancy Street

The Coca-Cola Company in the early days of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in March Decided to end its activity in the Russian market. The decision to leave Russia will be reduced The company’s revenue and operating profit increased by 1-2%. annually.

Russian soft drinks – Cole Cola, Fancy, Street

The Russians “adapted” to the lack of popular soft drinks, creating their domestic counterparts. On the shelves of shops in Russia in place coca cola CoolCola appeared, instead of Fanta – Fancy, Sprite was replaced by Street – reports “Moscow Times”. Their producer is the Russian company Ochakovo.

While Coca-Cola products can still be found in Russian stores, their prices have risen nearly 200 percent since March.

“CoolCola has a cult flavor of cola” – Ochakowo announces online.

This is not the only attempt by Russian producers to replace consumers with a popular drink of American origin. In the Far East of Russia, the local company Slavda Group launched Grink Cola in an attempt to win the hearts of fans of soft drinks in Russia. In the northern region of Russia – Komi, the Syktyvkarpivo factory launched its own brand of soft drink – Komi Cola. However, none of the drinks conquered the market – customers complained that the imitation Coca-Cola was not, like the original, “sweet and shiny”.

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