July 28, 2021

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Coca-Cola will remove 10% of sugar from your drinks by 2025

Coca-Cola will remove 10% of sugar from your drinks by 2025

The global concern that produces sweet soft drinks like Coca-Cola, Fanta and Sprite is committed to reducing the amount of sugar in them. This is the right direction, although I hope it will not have a negative effect on the taste of the drinks.

Modern society suffers from the scourge of obesity, and one of the culprits is sweet, non-alcoholic soft drinks like Coca-Cola. Nutritionists have warned since I can remember that these unclear liquids are real price bombs full of unhealthy sugar, but people, like the long and wide world, remain deaf to these and similar arguments.

this is very good Coca Cola She is aware of this problem and has decided to reduce the sugar content of her drinks.

It is true that it may be ironically noted here that anxiety should not be take care of us Altruistically, the healthier the customer, the more money he is likely to leave the company – which doesn’t change the fact that Coca-Cola healthy more healthy a little less stressful for our body (And the The environment). The company decided that it would reduce the sugar content of its products by 10 percent. by 2025

It should be noted that this is not a revolution, but a slightly faster implementation of the current strategy – the company has taken steps to reduce the sugar content of drinks for years and with great success. Just in the past five years, the amount of sugar in Fanta drinks has decreased by 25 percent, and in the case of Sprite by up to 33 percent.

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Coca-Cola is proud of this with 42 percent in Europe. Sells drinks, low-sugar and sugar-free drinks.

Of course, that means the remaining 58 percent. These are high sugar drinks, but the company aims to combat this, not least by lowering the sugar content of the existing drinks. Its soft drink portfolio will be expanded to include “zero” variants such as the Kinley Yuzu Tonic Zero and Kinley Zero Mandarin as well as Fanta Orange Zero and Fanta Shokata Zero.

In addition, in Europe, AHA products have been added to the offer, that is, plain water with bubbles and natural flavors – without sugar and sweeteners, which is also good news. I just hope that with all these changes, the classic Coca-Cola never loses its distinctive flavor and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the return of the classic Cherry Coke!

Coca-Cola’s labels and ads will also change.

The company is already testing new color labels in our country for the nutritional and calorific value of its drinks, which resemble red, orange and green street lights. As I mentioned food portalIts purpose is to draw attention to the corresponding high, medium and low content of sugars, fats, saturated fatty acids and salt in the product.

In addition, the company has decided that it will no longer target its products to children under the age of 12 (not 13 as before), if they account for 30 percent. The audience for a particular marketing channel (previously 35%). I’m just wondering if the company will one day follow the blow and ditch Santa Claus in ads, which only these guys believe in…

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By the way, it is also interesting to what extent Coca-Cola’s decision was affected by the notoriety sugar taxWhich led to higher prices. I wouldn’t be surprised if the price lists stay at the current level, the company will find a way to reduce payments to the state budget and Coca-Cola will benefit from this tax – and consumers will pay for everything as usual.