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Cocktail for a day for colds with Theromix. Infection home treatment

Cocktail for a day for colds with Theromix.  Infection home treatment

Are you looking for a home remedy for colds and flu? Do you want something that has a shocking effect that quickly overcomes the symptoms of the disease? Make this smoothie blender a hit! It’s easy to make, highly effective, and contains only four ingredients. Most importantly – don’t omit any of them or replace them with another – the ingredients should be fresh and of high quality.

Why is this drink so effective? Well-known and proven products have been used here, but a completely different way of treating them – Ingredients are not heated or covered with alcoholThese are often made with homemade tinctures or infusions. Ingredients here It’s fresh It is served cold so that it does not lose its health-promoting properties.

Then there is a need Powerful jug mixery (one that can crush ice or crush nuts) or a thermal blender. A moment of mixing and it is ready.

This foaming and extractive miracle puts you on your feet in no time. The dose will work when you have symptoms of a common cold or a viral or bacterial infection.

The cocktail will work best if you reach for it as soon as you feel like something is taking you. Troublesome symptoms include:

  • Weakness, chills and muscle aches
  • Chest pain and cough
  • Nasal and sinus obstruction
  • Headache and fever
  • Itchy throat, hoarseness, sore throat
  • Conjunctivitis and watery eyes
  • sudden aphthous rash in the mouth,
  • Dullness of taste and smell.

One-Day Treatment Ingredients:

  1. Around 4-5 cm fresh ginger root, peeled – it is important that it is fresh and juicy, its anti-inflammatory, warming and antipyretic effect will be the strongest;
  2. Two whole grains, carefully peeled and white membranes, carefully removed from the seeds, so as not to lose a lot of juice – this is a dose of vitamin C and fiber from the pulp;
  3. 4 tablespoons natural honeyBetter Manuka honey or GoldenrodBecause they have the best antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties confirmed by research;
  4. 250 ml of mineral water * Not aerated or filtered.

* Optional – instead of a portion of water You can use pressed apple juice (Not out of focus, totally natural) – present in it In addition, fiber strengthens the intestinal flora and stimulates the immune system.

Prepare the cocktail: Place all ingredients in a thermal mixer or jug ​​blender and blend well for at least 1 minute on high speed. You will get a foamy cocktail, light yellow, slightly creamy, very strong but also delicious. Drink it in a glass every few hours throughout the day as soon as you feel the first symptoms of a cold or flu.

You’ll feel better the next day, but it doesn’t hurt to make another batch of juice. Important – the doses should not be overdone at once and not kept in the refrigerator, the most effective is fresh, for a day.

Attention! If the treatment does not produce any effects, and you feel worse – this is a sign that home remedies have failed and it is time to see a doctor. You may have had something more serious than a seasonal infection.

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