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Colors of Happiness Episode 2616: Cornell releases Guetta from prison! Sławka will forgive all his mistakes

Colors of Happiness Episode 2616: Cornell releases Guetta from prison!  Sławka will forgive all his mistakes

Author: Artrama
Colors of Happiness Episode 2616: Cornell releases Guetta from prison! Sławka will forgive all his mistakes

In Episode 2616 of “The Colors of Happiness” by Cornell (Jakob Bohocevic), his conscience will finally move and he’ll decide to help his family! Jezierski will finally read the letter from Sławka (Ewelina Serafin) and when he learns that Jowita (Magdalena ak) has been imprisoned, in connection with the murder of Prot (Andrzej Michalski) he decides to spend a penny and save his daughter! In episode 2616 of “The Colors of Happiness”, Cornell promises his wife money in exchange for a bail for Guetta, and Sławka will forgive him in gratitude for having eloped with his lover (Joanna Opozda), leaving her and their children. Fate without money but huge debts!

“Colors of Happiness” Episode 2616 – Tuesday 19/4/2022 at 20.10 on TVP2

In episode 2616 of “The Colors of Happiness,” Cornell finally becomes interested in the fate of the family he’s abandoned for Sandra and a comfortable life in Mexico. Let us remind you that Jezierski first stole his loved ones, made them in debt, and then left without a word of explanation with his mistress and did not hear about them. Sławka was unsuccessful in tracking down her husband, and Goeta was entirely responsible for her father’s fraud, which had tragic consequences. Jezierska, as the main suspect, is imprisoned for Prot’s murder and can only be rescued on bail of half a million zlotys. Neither Sławka nor Patryk (Konrad Skolimowski) had that kind of money and took everything that could help Jowita. Jezierska even asked for help from Kornel, who ignored her, but in episode 2616 “Colors of Happiness”, even his conscience would be affected and she decided to help her daughter!

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Watch in the gallery Sawaoka’s conversation with Cornell in Episode 2616 “The Colors of Happiness” >>>

In Episode 2616 of “The Colors of Happiness” Cornell will finally read a message from Sławka about Guieta’s arrest and call his wife right away! Jezierska is surprised she will dial a phone call from an unknown number and won’t believe her ears when she hears her husband’s voice on the receiver! Especially since she was already losing any hope of saving Jowita!

– Yes, am I listening? – Sławka starts uncertainly.

– Hey it’s me – He will answer.

Cornell?! She screams, completely surprised.

“I’m calling because I got your message, but I just read it now.” – He will explain to her.

Then, in episode 2616 of “Colors of Happiness”, the soik will be perturbed. She will not be able to forgive her husband for speaking to her too late, which condemns Gueta to even more hard labor! Especially since last week she and Patrick were doing their best to get her out of jail, and even her son was ready to go to the desperate step and become a drug dealer!

– Why are you talking now? After all, I wrote to you a week ago! – Sławka gets angry.

Of course, in Episode 2616 of “The Colors of Happiness”, Cornell refuses to answer, but instead offers Sawa something more important – the assurance that he will get their daughter out of prison! Jezersky promised that he would immediately relieve his wife, who would be willing to forgive him for his past mistakes, when he stole and deserted his family and paid off their debts for years, if only her husband would get Guieta out of prison and help her in bail, which he actually promises!

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– I want to help. I want to get Guetta out of this swamp – Cornell will present.

– If you save our daughter, I will forgive you everything – Sławka will repay him.

“Just tell me how much you need and you’ll have the money in your account tomorrow.” – He promised her in 2,616 episodes of “Colors of Happiness”.

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