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Coming out with a wet and sick head. We debunk myths

Coming out with a wet and sick head.  We debunk myths

Wet hair and cool air are the combination parents warn against. However, according to experts, such a “mixture” is not particularly dangerous. Respiratory viruses such as viruses that cause the coldAnd the fluif COVID-19It is transmitted by droplets in the air, particularly through coughing and sneezing. Wet hair does not make a person more vulnerable to virus attacks.

“You will only catch a cold by coming into contact with someone else who has a cold, which is the main cause,” Professor Paul Hunter, an infectious disease expert at the University of East Anglia, told Dailymail. An infectious disease specialist explains that just being outside, even with a “wet head,” does not make a person sick. The real reason we catch a cold is that on cold days we spend more time crammed into warm but poorly ventilated rooms near other people, which are ideal conditions for viruses to grow.

There is no scientific evidence to link wet hair to a cold or the flu.

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Cooling the body and colds

Research conducted in 2005 by A. Ron Eccles of Cardiff University’s Common Cold Center suggests that “cold” people may be more susceptible to infection when exposed to the virus. 180 healthy people took part in the study – half of the volunteers sat with their feet in cold water for 20 minutes, while others remained wearing shoes and socks during this period. Professor Eccles found that those with “cold” feet were 10 percent more likely to develop cold symptoms four to five days after the experiment.

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Eccles also says that most people carry germs that can trigger flu and cold symptoms. These pathogens are found in the back of the nose and throat. The researcher notes that cooling the body narrows the blood vessels in the nose and temporarily weakens the immune system, causing the virus to activate and cause symptoms of infection. “While this is controversial, I do believe that under certain circumstances a cold can lead to a cold if you already have the virus,” said Ron Eccles.

Another 2016 study by scientists at Mahidol University in Thailand indicates that the immune system weakens when it gets colder. Scientists say cold, dry air can make it more difficult for the immune system to fight off harmful viruses because it produces fewer interferons — proteins in the immune system responsible for stopping the invasion of pathogens.

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The above advice cannot replace a visit to a specialist. Remember that in case of any health problems, consult a doctor.

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