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Coming up with Uncle Sam is getting harder

Coming up with Uncle Sam is getting harder

“The center of gravity in American politics is moving towards Asia, and we are learning this lesson,” said Mikas Baranowski, head of the German Marshall’s finance office in Warsaw during the European Economic Congress.

On September 15, the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom announced a strategic agreement called the AUKUS, mainly to strengthen joint weapons and defense cooperation. It is about and opposes China’s growing military power in the Pacific region. None of the EU countries, like society as a whole, knew anything about this agreement and the interests of the EU countries were not taken into account.

– Many people in Europe feel the real danger of this situation losing Europe’s strategic importance. Cards are distributed without Europe. Janus Ryder, former Polish ambassador to Germany and the United States and chairman of the Council for the Center for International Relations, said this was a very important warning to Europe.

Moreover, AUKUS not only ignored the interests of the EU countries, but ended up with a blatant violation. At the end of the deal, Australia announced that it had terminated a massive $ 66 billion contract with France to build 12 submarines through the TCNS shipyard.

– AUKUS shows that there are more important allies. “Australia has become more important than France and Afghanistan has become more important than NATO allies, and in the case of the North Stream, Germany has become more important than Central and Eastern European countries,” he said.

Bartholomew Novak, a political scientist at the Vistula Academy, said the United States had done a lot for its policy towards the Pacific region and was now trying to get out of it quickly. US President Donald Trump has resigned from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (DPP). Earlier this year, China signed a regional trade agreement with 14 other Asian countries. It is the largest part of the world in terms of GDP, as well as a trade agreement covering more than 2 billion people or about 30 percent. World population. This has weakened the US position in the region.

As the Pacific region becomes an important region for the United States, in addition, the United States wants to handle the cards there, for example, ignoring the interests of France and probably other EU countries, what will be the relationship between the United States and the EU? In addition, after Donald Trump’s lesson, when relations were so bad that the former US president killed the TTIP negotiations, the Atlantic Trade and Investment Alliance then threatened the EU with “trade wars.” Since then, little has changed, as there are only controversial areas where information about European citizens is leaked to US intelligence services by technology companies, whose services we use daily.

– We have a permanent crisis in EU-US relations – said Szymon Hołownia’s Poland 2050 party leader Mike Coposco.

Bartłomiej Nowak believes that a return to the TTIP would be the best solution to both the crisis in EU-US relations and the geopolitical challenge posed by China. But he adds that it is doubtful whether this is possible in new controversial areas such as data access in the cloud or data flow to the United States.

“This would be the best Atlantic response to China,” he said.

I think we will not return to broader trade deals like TTIP in the future – said Tony Houses, president of the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) in Poland.

– These are very difficult problems and they will be solved to some extent – he added.

What does it mean for Poland to cool EU-US relations? Poland as a significant partner may disappear from the view of the United States, warn participants in Congress.

– We were in a very difficult situation. It is difficult to say that we will remain significant to the United States until we solve our problems in Europe. The red line we passed is not only about the problems of the rule of law, but also about the fact that Poland stands as a country where human rights are respected (…) it takes many years to do this – said Bartomiz Novak.

Under Donald Trump, the United States politically supported the “Three Seas Initiative” and added $ 1 billion to the Three Seas Fund. They saw these initiatives as a tool for the disintegration of the EU, which was one of Washington’s foreign policy options. Does this mean the Three Seas effort is going to be a thing of the past?

Mike Coposco believes that if the “three seas” are “removed” from the ideology and focus on a rational plan for better connectivity with the various types of infrastructure in Central and Eastern European countries, it will become an attractive endeavor for the participation of American investors. Mikas Baranowski believes that the United States may want to define this initiative as the opposite of China’s involvement in Central and Eastern Europe.

– There is support for the three sea initiative, but not very excited. Anthony Blingen was at the pinnacle of three maritime endeavors in which the Americans invested money, but it did not shape his foreign policy strategy. I think the dynamics of the Donald Trump administration are hard to maintain, he said.

Jacek Ramodovsky

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