October 19, 2021

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Conference "Human Health in an Unhealthy World" |  Jaworzno - Social Portal - jaw.pl

Conference “Human Health in an Unhealthy World” | Jaworzno – Social Portal – jaw.pl


The organizers, Polska Siła Jaworzno and Polska To My Sosnowiec, announce the events as An open conference with great speakers who will delight us with their presence and knowledge.

Among the speakers PsychologistsAnd NaturopathsDoctors, teachers, and church representatives who will lead committees such as:

  • “Covidian-era medicine, figures, facts and controversies”,
  • Epidemic-based manipulation and social engineering methods
  • The media is lying about the epidemic. Goebbels is alive forever!
  • Medical propaganda in the era pandemii COVID-19: How do you find yourself in it and how do you make others aware? “
  • Personality and utilitarianism: a duel between two ethical systems in medicine and social life, in the context of the current health care situation in Poland and in the world
  • The consequences of the epidemic in the positive and negative sense of the word
  • “Pandemic-based manipulation and social engineering methods. How do you support yourself, and how do you take care of yourself and others nowadays”,
  • “The struggle for freedom through the eyes of the pole. What do the facts say? What awaits us? How do you create a new quality by bringing together the popular movements? Are they lying to us?”,
  • “Protecting personal data during a pandemic. The GDP of your medical data„.

The conference will be held at the Pańska Góra Hotel on October 17th. Lectures will start at 12, admission is free.

What do you think of the conference and the topics of the planned lectures?