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Console or PC with RTX? What would make Spider-Man Remastered more fun?

Console or PC with RTX?  What would make Spider-Man Remastered more fun?

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered, recently released on PC, gives us a great opportunity to compare the capabilities of the current generation of consoles with PCs equipped with powerful NVIDIA RTX graphics cards. Will the average user be able to discern what is currently playing?

The PlayStation-exclusive Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered for PC gave us a diabolical idea to compare the quality and performance of the two platforms. Regarding the performance itself, while testing the cards and processors in Spider-Man Remastered on PC, we proved that the PC offers much more FPS than we see on the console even in Performance mode, while improving graphics quality.

However, the question that popped into our minds was: Is this a difference a regular Sunday player or even someone with very limited gaming contact would pick up? Hence the idea of ​​doing a blind test where we will compare the two platforms – the computer above, but for the time being ASUS GeForce RTX 3090 Ti TUF Gaming OC Graphics Card at Good Price and SONY PlayStation 5. Benefit? Well, we invite you to watch the prepared material 🙂

Blind Test of Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered PC Quality and Performance with RTX vs PS5

Play the video

How did we do the test?

While preparing for the test, we faced a difficult task. SONY’s latest console offers us a tough choice – either we’ll choose to play with high FPS (i.e. high for consoles, since we’re only talking 60fps, of course), but at dynamically changing resolution and lower detail, or “cinematic” 30fps resolution 4K static. There are also 4K 60 FPS settings, but we won’t see Ray Tracing in them anymore and the difference will be picked up even from an empty chair, undermining the feel of doing the test. We quickly concluded that the difference in image quality and detail for the 60 fps constant version was too easy to detect, so the “highest quality” console was chosen.

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It turns out that the consoles also have graphics settings, although this is a compromise we’d like to make a decision on.

In the case of our computer, the situation was much easier. All the sliders went to the right, including the person responsible for the geometry and the range of graphic reflections done by Ray Tracing (much more than what the console offers). We chose 4K resolution and activated the DLSS quality function, which not only significantly improves the smoothness of the animation, but also slightly improves the quality of anti-aliasing. We also had the NVIDIA DLAA option, which allows you to sharpen the image even more (without changing its size), but for 4K it would be overkill. The computer used for the test is our written test platform, which we outfitted for the duration of our testing with the recently revised ASUS GeForce RTX 3090 Ti TUF Gaming OC graphics card — a model that’s gotten more expensive in recent days. The full set looks like this:

What did both platforms have in common

Both the console and the computer were connected to the Samsung Q800T 8K TV, in both cases the game mode was selected with an active refresh of 120 Hz at 4K resolution, with active HDR (unfortunately on the PC it worked a little stronger, which can be seen in the recording, on the Although it was not shown live). In both cases, we used Sony Dualsense platforms (in order not to give the computer an additional advantage in the form of better keyboard and mouse support ;)). The chair was also exactly the same, so at no point did players know which source they were using.

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Test result and platform price

We anticipate your feedback here (which may have arisen anyway after reading the specifications of the computer used in the test) – we understand that the console is currently 2 times cheaper than the graphics card in our computer. However, it has long been known that you have to pay more for higher quality. Testing only focused on whether the current generation of consoles should actually be ready for replacement, or maybe we still have some time. The conclusions are obvious, but we will leave them to you to draw and share in the comments 🙂

The article was written in collaboration with NVIDIA and ASUS, which provided the equipment for the experiment.

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