July 28, 2021

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Consumer loans and commission income.  Clients do not advance يتقدم

Consumer loans and commission income. Clients do not advance يتقدم

The Polish Financial Supervisory Authority has examined how banks settle accounts with customers in order to repay commission on previously paid consumer loans. It turns out that almost all of the banks surveyed had money in their technical accounts that were waiting for customers to collect it.

  • It is mainly about customers who got a loan from a bank other than the parent bank and then did not renew any product in it
  • Most banks make one attempt to contact the customer who deserves a refund
  • The scale of this phenomenon may be large, but the amounts to be paid by themselves – not necessarily
  • More such information can be found on the home page of Onet.pl

The Polish Financial Supervisory Authority examined how banks settle commission payments with customers On consumer loans paid off prematurely. The obligation to this settlement was imposed on banks by the Consumer Credit Act, according to which the customer must receive a refund of that part of the commission that falls proportionately in the period from early repayment to the date of repayment, resulting from the contract

“Almost all the banks examined show overpayment amounts in the bank’s technical accounts, which are waiting to be distributed by clients,” KNF wrote in response to questions sent to it by PAP.

The Polish Financial Supervisory Authority did not provide information on the total amount of commission awaiting clients. It is also not known how many clients should receive a refund of a portion of the commission. The Polish Banks Association also does not have such information.

Given the number of banks that give out loans to consumers, there will always be a few who will forget about the possibility of collecting a commission. With the big banks making millions of loans, there could be thousands of such people. And you have to remember that these are not large amounts. It can sometimes be a few zlotys to pick up

– said Norbert Jeziolowicz, Director of the Association of Polish Banks.

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According to information from the Polish Financial Supervisory Authority, these are mainly customers who received a loan from a bank other than the original one, and who – after paying off obligations – did not renew any other product. In such cases, banks leave the money in the technical account, used to service the account, and then try to contact the customer.