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Control and Genshin Impact for free on the Epic Games Store

Control and Genshin Impact for free on the Epic Games Store

As scheduled, the Epic Games Store has updated its lineup of free games. We can download two tempting productions, although the store flows a bit of self-promotion with one.

Control for free in the Epic Games Store

Today we wrote that the summer sale has started at GOG Store. However, it is difficult to compete with the Epic Games Store when it comes to the most attractive offers for promotion hunters. This is where a free game or, as it stands now, free games every Thursday comes in.

Let’s start with the introduction, which certainly will not require a closer introduction. Controlled by Remedy Entertainment and released in 2019, it was well received. Average ratings in the media were 85% and 72% for players. You can read more about how addictive this game is in our review.

Remember the hardware requirements, especially if you want to check what the game looks like with active ray tracing. And if someone’s computer doesn’t allow it, you can take a look at our tests, because we checked this item too.

Isn’t that tempting? If you answered yes, then there is plenty of time to take advantage of the offer. The offer is traditionally valid for a week. Control can be charged for free until June 17th.


Genshin Impact is also available for download

As mentioned earlier, this time we are talking about two free games. Genshin Impact was launched along with Control. Also in this case, it cannot be said that it is an old production, it premiered in 2020. In general, because it is now available only on the Epic Games Store, perhaps that is why the store managers suggested that they give it immediately. Yes, they do, but they also do.

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In terms of control, here we are dealing with a completely different atmosphere and gameplay. Genshin Impact is an RPG that offers an open world and an environment that not everyone likes. This is shown by the average ratings, 84% in the media, but only 55% among players.

Jinshin effect

In a week, there will be no more mystery. There will be two games that you usually need to purchase. It’s overcooked! 2 Hell and other demons.

Source: epicgames

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