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Corona virus and mental health. Psychiatrist Jacek Koprowicz on the impact of the pandemic

Corona virus and mental health.  Psychiatrist Jacek Koprowicz on the impact of the pandemic

Psychiatrist Jacek Koprowicz, head of the mental health clinic at the Central Hospital of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration in Warsaw, claims that at this stage of the epidemic we are observing anticipation and anxiety exacerbated by fears for our relatives. He added that it is often observed in children.

The doctor, who in the winter and early spring of last year, was also a psychiatric consultant at the temporary hospital at the National Stadium in Warsaw, noted that part of the community got used to the epidemiological situation and adapted to the living conditions. during the pandemic. – There are people whose numbers of deaths and injuries have become normal. They are trying to adapt to the situation mentally – explained psychiatrist Jacek Koprowich, head of the mental health clinic at the Central Hospital of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration in Warsaw. – He stressed that some people, however, are in a so-called anxious predisposition.

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Cuprowic: We’re noticing an expectation that it might be a mistake

The doctor notes that this phenomenon is caused by the duration of the pandemic and all the circumstances related to it. At this point in the pandemic, two years after the outbreak, we’re observing an expectation that it might be wrong — pointing out. – There is a growing anxiety, aggravated by anxiety about how we should treat ourselves and fears about our relatives, among others, said Kuprowich. The holidays allowed us to take a short break. Now, for the most part, we’re exhausted again and we’re simply afraid — he explained, adding that there are now new elements that raise the level of anxiety.

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These are concerns about new variants of the pathogen causing COVID-19. He stressed that Omicron is now worrisome. – We also fear that – despite information about the mild course of the disease with this variant of the coronavirus – COVID-19 may also have a more severe course with omicron – the psychiatrist described.

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At the beginning of 2020, the fear of infection and disease was the fear of something new. We obeyed. We obeyed prohibitions and orders, remembering empty streets, but over time some people began to underestimate safety considerations – as mentioned. – Now this fear is different and varied, depending on the individual circumstances of the frightened people – explained the doctor, adding that there was no longer a so-called collective response. – Emphasize that there are people who wear masks even in the air, and they certainly adhere to sanitary rules, for example in shops, offices and cultural institutions, and there are people who completely ignore safety rules.

Polish psychiatry in crisis

Polish psychiatry in crisisTVN24

Koprowicz about problems of children and young people

From the point of view of his specialty, the psychiatrist said, many problems arose for children and adolescents during the epidemic. – This is a new phenomenon. He said the number of young psychopaths is growing rapidly. – I usually do not, but because there were not enough child psychiatrists, I also began to accept younger children – he indicated. I have started counseling children and teens when the situation is urgent, for example when a child is contemplating suicide. I have already agreed to have consultations with patients aged 16-18, and now I see a lot of younger patients – as mentioned.

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Unfortunately, their problems are related to the epidemic. He explained that it is about relationships at home, relationships with peers who have been so disturbed by the epidemiological situation that young people often develop thoughts of surrender and suicidal intentions. – Koprowich said it is about isolation not only from illness, but also internal isolation caused by stress. – We may have forgotten a little how the family worked before the pandemic. The psychiatrist concluded that such normal relationships at home are sometimes a thing of the past and are modified by the virtual world, which had many harmful aspects to young people before the Corona virus.

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in Crisis

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in Crisis TVN24

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