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Corona Virus. Delta variable in Germany

Corona Virus.  Delta variable in Germany

  • There are “isolated cases” of the delta variant in Hamburg
  • It remains unclear whether residents of the quarantined Dresden skyscraper also contracted the delta variant discovered in India.
  • So far, there has not been a massive spread of Delta in Germany, as it has since the end of 2020 for the British version.
  • Due to the prevalence of variable delta in the UK, there is a 10-day quarantine after returning from abroad
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The major uncertainty factor is the new mutation B.1.617.2, which is more contagious than the currently prevalent variant B.1.1.7. Gernot Marx, president of the Society for Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine (DIVI), said in an interview with the Rheinische Post that this boom will be gradually supported step by step over the next few weeks. If people are careless, the number of infections may rise rapidly again. Hence, a fourth wave is possible, Marx said.

The first cases in Germany

Melanie Leonard, senator for health in Hamburg, said there have been “isolated cases” of the delta type in Hamburg. Ten cases are known so far, most likely related to return from abroad to Germany. Three others are currently undergoing so-called sequencing, Der Spiegel reported. Daily Wiesbadener Kurier reported on Tuesday that 15 delta-type infections have been reported in Wiesbaden.

It remains unclear whether residents of the quarantined Dresden skyscraper have also contracted the delta version discovered in India, a city council spokeswoman said in a question from the DPA. Sequencing results are expected on Wednesday.

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The health authority had quarantined the entire high-rise dormitory the previous week. The reason is the death of one of its residents on June 1 after contracting the Corona virus. A student recently returned from Bangalore and the rapid test after entering Germany was negative. According to the bureau, there is a suspicion that the man may have contracted the Delta type already in Germany. As a result, seven other residents have been tested for coronavirus. A delta variant is suspected in three cases.

So far, there has not been a massive spread of Delta in Germany, as there has been since the end of 2020 with the British variant, now known as Alpha. An infected person infects more people on average than previous forms of the virus.

EUR recipes

The variant spreads especially quickly in Great Britain, so special restrictions apply when entering Germany from this country. Currently, only German citizens and people residing in Germany are allowed to enter Germany. Everyone is quarantined for 14 days, even if the pre-test result is negative.

In light of the upcoming European Football Championship, the federal government will discuss the regulations for players on Wednesday. The restrictions imposed now will be a problem not only for German footballers playing for British clubs, but also for any team that plays a match in London and then reaches the quarter-finals in Munich. Most likely, the players will be released from the quarantine obligation, and this also applies to journalists serving the Euro.

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Accelerated returns from vacation

Due to the spread of variable delta, there is a 10-day quarantine in the UK after returning from abroad, prompting 27,000 British vacationers will return home from Portugal faster. The daily P onblico published this information on Tuesday. Tourists left Portugal on Sunday and Monday, the president of the Algarve Tourism Association confirmed. And the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reported that many complained of the need to cut leisure time and book expensive flights. Putting the country on the green list first and then removing it from it is unbelievable, said a vacationer after landing at Gatwick Airport.

The British government has removed – after just three weeks – the popular holiday destination from the green list of countries that can be visited without quarantine upon return. The UK government’s criticism of the travel industry was prompted by the high number of infections in Portugal and the spread of the delta type of coronavirus. It is already dominant in Great Britain.

A study in India estimated the portability of this variable at 50 percent. Higher than the alpha variant discovered in Great Britain. The study does not show whether the delta variant leads to a higher mortality rate.


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