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Corona virus in schools in Mazovia. We know the data from the Board of Trustees – Warsaw and Mazovia – the latest news at RDC

Corona virus in schools in Mazovia.  We know the data from the Board of Trustees - Warsaw and Mazovia - the latest news at RDC

Corona virus in schools in Mazovia / photo. PAP / EPA / NIKOS ARVANITIDIS

Currently, seventeen schools in Mazovia have changed the pattern of education due to the discovery of the coronavirus infection. Distance learning is valid in a single facility – in the school and kindergarten complex in Paprutnia in the Siedlce Poviat region – tells the spokesperson for the Warsaw Education Board, Andrzej Kolmatici, in an interview with Radio For You.

Vaccinations in Mazovia – check the data

Corona virus in Mazovia. See the infection map

Indeed, at that moment there was a case of a completely remote educational institution in the Siddles region. We also have 16 schools in the area operating in hybrid mode – Lists of Andrei Kolmatic.

The coronavirus has also appeared, among others, in schools in Radom, Wyszków or Warsaw.

Studies outside the walls in Warsaw

In the capital, full-time education in five institutions was abandoned. – In Mokotów, it is the No. 1 School and Kindergarten Complex. Classes relate to one class that has distance learning from September 14 to 17, the second term has distance learning from September 10 to 20, and three facilities in Praga Południe – says Marzena Wojewódzka from the Capital Hall.

At Wyspiański High School, one class suspended classes until September 16. Distance learning is also waiting for students of a class in the complex of the School of Economics and Hotel in Braga Bodny. One primary school in Praga Południe, No. 374, three classes until September 19 – also distance learning – says Wojewódzka.

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On Tuesday, we reported about the school in ul. Wiśniowa, where distance learning was in effect until Monday. Andrzej Kulmatycki informed us on Thursday that the facility is conducting hybrid science. – According to the data provided by the school principal, IT schools and general secondary schools in the team work in a mixed mode – Informs the spokesperson of the Warsaw Board of Education.

The Department of Health reported that 106 new coronavirus infections were detected in the Mazowieckie Voivodeship in the past day – 43 more than a week ago and 59 more infections two weeks ago. No deaths of COVID-19 have been reported in the last 24 hours.

The number of people in quarantine is 23889. The last day in Mazovia is over 5734 Corona virus tests.

According to the Mazowieckie Voivodship Office, there are hospitals in the area 460 Covid family, including 76 Busy. It is also intended for patients with COVID-19 27 respirators – 11 In use.

in Warsaw Another 46 people have contracted the coronavirus.

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Source: RDC | Author: IR / FP

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