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Corona virus in the world. Brazil approaches crisis in the wake of anti-government protests

Corona virus in the world.  Brazil approaches crisis in the wake of anti-government protests

The number of coronavirus cases in Brazil rose by more than 82,000 in the last day, and the number of deaths has already exceeded half a million. According to forecasts, in the conditions of the Brazilian winter that has just begun, the number of daily deaths may increase even more. During the demonstrations against the government’s “delay and give up” policy, tens of thousands of people gathered, chanting “Down with President Bolsonaro!” , “Down with the killer!” , “Government of Hunger and Unemployment!”

Over the past 24 hours, according to a statement from the Brazilian Ministry of Health, the number of coronavirus cases increased by 82,888 and now stands at 17,883,750. The ministry said 2,301 people died within 24 hours.

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“Down with the killer!”

Since the beginning of the epidemic, the Corona virus has killed more than 500,800 people. Currently, 26 percent die every day. More than two weeks earlier. According to forecasts, in the conditions of the Brazilian winter that has just begun, the number of daily deaths may increase even more.

protest against the president of brazilAndre Coelho / EFE / PAP / EPA

Roses commemorate half a million deaths from COVID-19 in BrazilPAP / EPA / Antonio Lacerda

In the large demonstrations on Saturday against the government’s “policy of postponement and abandonment” that took place in 15 Brazilian capitals and gathered tens of thousands of people, participants shouted “Down with President Bolsonaro!” , “Down with the killer!” Government of hunger and unemployment! “!”. Two slogans were often chanted on the banners carried by the demonstrators: Vaccine Now! And “Vaccine – in the arm, food – on the plate!”.

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All the protesters wore protective masks, which – as reported by the Brazilian media – posed a kind of defiance to President Bolsonaro, who appears ostentatiously at public meetings, mostly without a mask.

Protests against Jair Bolsonaro in BrazilPAP / EPA / Raul Martinez

11 percent of those vaccinated

The vaccination campaign in Brazil began with a delay of several months, and is progressing slowly compared to most other South American countries. To date, 11 percent of Brazil’s population of 211 million have been vaccinated with two doses, and the country ranks 78th in the world in this regard.

According to the extensive conservative Argentine newspaper “La Nacion”, one of the reasons for the long delay in the signing of the contract to import vaccines by the Brazilian government was the thesis that President Bolsonaro proclaimed on every occasion that “this virus is such an influenza” that can be easily treated with such measures. Simple as chloroquine.

The newspaper La Nacion wrote in its Sunday edition that the program to immunize Brazilians against the Corona virus began only in January under the pressure of a vaccination campaign launched by Bolsonaro’s political rival, the Brazilian governor of Sao Paulo, João Doria. He is likely to run for president in the upcoming elections, as does former leftist president Inacio Lula da Silva. Doria signed the contract to import the Chinese vaccine and its joint products in an outpatient setting in Sao Paulo last fall already.

Mass vaccination against corona virus in Sao Paulo Reuters

The Argentine daily describes the policy consistently pursued by President Bolsonaro against the pandemic, who in his official speeches tries to downplay the threat posed by COVID-19 to the population and mobilize his citizens to fight the “real threat”, that is, the economic collapse. . That is why for months he has been “at war” with the governors of Brazilian states, who, taking advantage of the great autonomy granted to them by the Constitution, are implementing restrictions against Covid.

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President Jair Bolsonaro is losing ground in opinion polls every month as the death toll from the pandemic grows. According to recent public opinion polls conducted by the prestigious Datafolha Institute, 25 percent can be counted on. voters.

In the document “Summary of the first 900 days of Bolsonaro’s presidency”, which was announced by the presidential palace on Saturday, the tragedy of the deaths of more than half a million citizens was not mentioned a word.

Main image source: Andre Coelho / EFE / PAP / EPA

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