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Corona virus tests are free for the insured

Testy na koronawirusa za darmo dla zaszczepionych

The Czech Republic changed its coronavirus testing rules from Tuesday (1 June 2021). Now, every insured person can take two PCR tests and four antigen tests within one month for free.

full lock In Poland, it was introduced by the government “for two weeks” several months ago. In May 2021, most of the previously frozen sectors were given the green light to operate again. However, experts stress that this does not mean the end of the epidemic.Stronger easing of epidemic restrictions may only affect vaccinated people, because the epidemic is not over yet – Dr. Konstanty Szułdrzyński said after the meeting of the Medical Council of the Cabinet.

The Czechs have already taken another step forward. in our neighbors A negative coronavirus test result is necessary to enter restaurants or participate in sporting or cultural events. The document is checked when crossing the border and entering events where other people are present.

Free coronavirus testing in the Czech Republic for vaccination

Until now (until June 1, 2021), insured persons can use free antigen tests in the Czech Republic every 3 days. However, if someone wanted to take a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test, which is more accurate, he needed to order from a doctor or a sanitary-epidemiological station, and at the same time, the Czechs had constant access to commercial tests. They paid at least 280 PLN for the PCR, and 60 PLN for the antigen.. How is she now?

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The first day of the new regulations a lot of chaos. Those wishing to do the PCR test were sent with a receipt, because in laboratories in Prague, Doctors did not have detailed instructions on how to analyze the sample. This prompted one of the lab networks to make a statement.

We understand the anger and disappointment, but we cannot answer the questions and concerns that should be directed to the institutions that have a responsibility to set clear and predictable rules for all of us.

Excerpt from laboratory statement in the Czech Republic

According to data from the Czech Ministry of Health, only 514 new cases of infection arrived in the country on Monday (April 31, 2021). This is the lowest number of cases since August 2020 on the first day of the week

The infection rate in the Czech Republic was last week 28 cases per 100,000 residents. However, since March 2020, more than 1.66 million About 2.5 percent or 30119.

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